This is Me

I have been a RN, since 1994.  I will always be a nurse helping and caring for people.  I am married to a wonderful man- Kenny,  for 24 years. I am a mom of 3 college age kids, with my youngest (19y.o) being twin girls.  As my children are growing up and moving on to the next chapter of their life, I need to find my next chapter.

Sadie my workout buddy

Living on an Island and loving the outdoor activities I do not have time for full on make up and hair dos.  One it’s hot and humid with a wonderful brisk south wind most every day of the year, except winter.  Then you get the cold north wind at times. With this being said, I have always been looking for the right mascara, tinted moisturizer, anti aging wrinkle cream (will be 50 in less than 2 years), sunscreens, and headbands.  This is how I found EVER skin care. I saw a picture of someone I knew and saw the money back guaranteed.  I have tried everything, high end and low end skin care products,  for my “11s” and wrinkles under my eyes.  The elevens are the little lines from squinting between your eyes.  1. I am blind as a bat without my glasses and 2. outside a lot -sunny. So I bought the  the overnight oil and sublime.  30 days later my cousin is asking me what I am using on my skin and how come I don’t have wrinkles.  She  is younger than me.  We discussed the skin care line and she purchased sublime before I realized I would start selling.

With this great compliment from my cousin I pulled my before picture and did a selfie, put them together and BAM.  Could not believe my eyes. No pun intended 🙂 I sent the photo to my sister and she was amazed.  We talked about EVER and becoming a specialist. I would say the rest is history, but this is where things get complicated.  As I wrote out sister, thoughts came into my head of how she has influenced and pushed me along in life without realizing it.  This will be discussed later in a piece of its own. So, back to complicated.

I joined EVER skin care in November of 2017, because of my amazing results and the results I saw on other REAL people.  I am not a salesman, nor do I like calling up people to ask them about my EVER products or joining me.  I do however,  love talking with people  in person and sharing my passion for my results and how our magnolia based,  patent pending LSR10, natural skin care products really do work. I guess you can say I love educating people on healthy products that are good for you inside and out. I like to create and my retirement job, in my head has always been working in a floral department somewhere making wreaths and arrangements.  So when I started marketing my EVER business I was getting excited about creating the graphics I used on posts and Instagram.  Being a Christian woman I try to pray with things in my life that may be changing.  You caught the word MAY-lol.  This does not happen all the time.  I sometimes just jump into something new.  Like the pampered chef I signed up for, because it was cheaper in the end. But with launching a website, blog, my own words and creations, whatever you want to call it was big.  I really thought on this, and prayed.  I googled my domain name and guess what? It was available.  So here I am. I was hesitant at first, but once you read how I started the RED Dirt Road Series, you will understand why I keep on writing.

My family

I started a new journey with my health, due to the fact I was no longer an active school nurse, but as an ACE Certified Health Coach© working from home calling clients all day.  This led to unhealthy habits with eating and decreased steps throughout the day, but still killing an hour a day in the gym.  In early September, after realizing what I was doing was not working.  I was under eating and working out more than I was fueling my body. I was tired in the afternoons and working against time for a doctor’s request to start blood pressure medications.  I trusted the process and began as a client of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss®. Today I am happy to say I am down 23 ½ inches along with noted weight loss. The best feeling is knowing my body composition is changing and this is a program I can do for life. Plus no blood pressure medications needed at this time!

My results

  The FWTFL program paired with my ACE CHC© allowed me to expand my knowledge with nutrition and fitness.  The results and progress I experienced were too good not to share with everyone I know. This lead me to becoming a FWTFL coach.

This will begin the next chapter of my life- creating a healthier me inside and out.  Creating, helping, writing, cooking, sharing, and so much more.  Accepting who I am and not fearing what others may think. Accepting where I am with my life at this moment and not looking back.                                  Knowing: Though your beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase   Job 8:7.   Today my destiny is to help you reach your destiny and make it remarkable.

xo Cheryl

What to Expect: FWTFL

We offer the tools to equip you for a lifestyle that will be SUSTAINABLE for the long term without confusion or fads.  

We provide coaching support through small groups in the FWTFL “boot camps”. These run for seven weeks with a prep week included to help set you up for success!

We teach and train you to execute EXACTLY the proper protocol for our work outs. These workouts are paired with the proper nutrition on specific days of the seven day cycle.

We offer training for all levels from the beginner to the stay at home mom and even the gym rat.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America both stand behind our program.

Ever skin care

Natural skin care with real results.  Patent pending LSR10 is Ever’s magnolia formula that has been proven by science and designed to help reduce the 10 visible signs of aging.

Free of Parabeans, sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic francgrances, and colors, chemical sunscreens and hydroquinone.


Pampered Chef

You cook out of love, but do you always love cooking?  Here you will find the tools and skills to cook with fresh ingredients and in about 30 minutes.