Fog and Fear

Procrastinating in the fog

Saturdays for me are leg day. This is the one day I can take my time, walk, do yard work and spend the 30 to 40 minutes doing strength training with my legs. My routine started like any other Saturday, except this one, the air surrounded and engulfed me in a blanket of fog. It was heavy and thick. The locals call it sea fog. You can see fog rolling in off the Gulf on to the beaches. Once it crossed the beach and climbed its way up over the the seawall, it would nestle itself into every community on the Island.

As I finished my warm-up with Sadie and Stich, we turned to head home and realized I could not see home. Home is only a quarter-mile. I had been reflecting about what I would be doing today with finishing my book, and I was putting it off. I needed to create the devotional, the questions, make it look consistent in each chapter, and I was procrastinating. It would be tedious, and the fear creeped in of I am not a preacher, what if they don’t like it?

The fog was all around me and I could see the dogs, the water and the seagulls as they flew out of the fog onto the calm waters. I could not see home. Luckily I knew the direction of home.

Working through the morning fog and fear

The fog is like your future, you can not see into it. You don’t know what is around the corner and what may lie ahead. You have to walk boldly and with faith into it without fear.

I laughed out loud of my doubting thoughts about my book, when I told myself to STOP. That’s literally what I have to do or I can dig a rabbit hole of worry very quickly. My thoughts went to my kids when they were younger when we played the Wii Mario kart. The rainbow road, I hated that game. I always lost; I could never figure out the next curve and then I would fall off the road and die.

Going to pick up our groceries after my work out and the fog was still covering the Island was just like the rainbow road in Mario kart. I know where the lights are, but it was still difficult because you could not see them until you were less than a car link to them. It was a slow and careful tapping of the breaks down the seawall.

Once back home, I had planned to sit down and get it done. Squishing the doubt, procrastination, and just do it. Once I get started it flows. The fear of the future, your life’s journey, what to do next, going through the stages of life and grief can be difficult without a plan and a Savior who can give you the directions and road map.

No fear of the future

Jesus died for your sins and rose again so that you may have eternal life. When you believe this and you begin to live a life with Jesus leading the way you begin to be transformed into someone who does not fear the future or others. You begin to shut off the voices dancing around in your head that hold you back. You become like Jesus, love. I am not saying life will be easy all the time, but I know He has great plans for me and I also know this world is not my home.

So keep showing up without fear, without doubt, and without regret. Learn to walking into the fog and the unknown of life’s future with courage and love. Let Jesus into your heart and be your light.

God put me on this writing journey, so I know it is in good hands. He told me to write, you have a story to tell. So, let’s get this done.

If you want to learn more about Jesus, my church home is online and social media check out the link below. Also, join me on social media as I began to publish Growing Up on Prayer, Love and the Red Dirt Road.

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