3 Easy Things To Do To Help You Thrive Through Your Day

Are you tired mid day?  Looking to take a nap?  Searching for a sweet snack or coffee, so you can make it till the end of your workday? Not getting good sleep? Waking up groggy?

I was exhausted a year ago.  The two things I saw improve within a week or two was my energy level and my quality of sleep when I started the FASTer Way To Fat Loss.

As a client and now a coach, I have found these 3 things that I must do to thrive throughout my day.

  1. Hydrate– If I am not hydrated, I am looking for snacks and then I am thirsty at the end of my day, so I increase my water at night.  This results in me getting up a lot at night while I need to be sleeping. My goal is to drink 8 ounces of water upon rising and having 32 ounces in before noon.  I then work on finishing my fluid intake by 6pm.  I shoot for half my body weight.
  2. Moving more– This does not mean killing it with cardio.  It simply means getting in my scheduled FWTFL 30-minute workout in, jumping on my Peloton or taking a walk with my dogs. Moving more helps keep your cortisol level low.  Cortisol is your fight or flight hormone or your stress hormone.  When it is high in the evening from a stressful day at work you may not get good sleep. So, getting in more movement will lower the stress hormone, plus, you will be tired after a workout to help with sleep. .
  3. Good sleep– If you are not sleeping well you are going to wake up tired and groggy.  One thing I do to help with sleeping well is to not eat after 8 pm.  When I do snack on the coach with Kenny, I toss and turn.  My body is working to digest the food I consumed late into the night, instead of going into deep sleep.

These 3 things are all related to your energy level because one affects the other. If you feel you are on a hamster wheel of poor sleep and tired mid-day, start working on 1 & 2 to see if it will improve number 3. Keeping these 3 things in check will help you thrive through your day with energy.

Learning how to live the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lfestyle will give you the plan you need to conquer thriving through your day.

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