Measure-All Cup

Measure-All Cup 

I have used pampered chef since, the 1990’s.  The products I use in my recipes I am still using today.   The products that I link in my recipes I do not get paid for if you click the link.  It will take you to my web page to review the product or search the entire catalog.   I only get commission if you purchase a product.

One of my favorites for the chocolate boiled oatmeal cookie recipe is the dry measure-all cup.  It allows for you to keep every last drop of honey out of the cup.  Peanut butter slides out smooth. Kinda sad though, you no longer get to lick your finger after you scrape all the PB out.  Ok it is more sanitary.  But who doesn’t lick there finger after getting PB or honey on you.

Details: Measure liquids and solids up to 2 cups. A unique adjustable plunger design cleanly ejects solid ingredients. Includes standard and metric measures.  One-year guarantee for noncommercial use.

Use and care:

  • Wash prior to first use. Clear outer sleeve is dishwasher-safe when placed away from heating element. Hand wash inner cup.
  • Not for use in the microwave or with boiling liquid.
  • If sleeve is tight, wipe a small amount of shortening around the inside top edge of sleeve.

Measuring liquid ingredients: (milk, water, etc.)

  1. With pour spout up, turn cup so that blue “liquids” arrow is pointing up.
  2. Place cup on a level surface, pour liquid into inner cup to desired measurement.
  3. Pour ingredients out of cup using spout.

Dry or solid ingredients: (flour, peanut butter, shortening, etc.)

  1. With pour spout down, place outer sleeve with red “dry/solids” arrow pointing up.
  2. Press thumb at point marked “PRESS” on top of inner cup, pull inner cup and twist to desired measurement.
  3. Fill ingredient to brim and level with back of knife blade or flat-sided spatula.
  4. Hold outer sleeve in one hand and push inner cup to eject contents into bow

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