Balancing LIFE

Balancing life. 
Walking with my better half the other day we were discussing how to have a balanced mind set or life. He is starting to study for an exam with his work, works his own business on top of his full time fireman job, plus has a large project he is working on at home. We were talking through his plans.

I began to explain to him start with your big rocks or boulders, since we were on the seawall looking at the jettys along the seawall. The important things in your life have your first priority, God, family, home, work. Second all the small shells and rocks that fill in between the large boulders come second – your projects, washing cars etc. The rest of your to do list is like the waves and water that flows over the boulder, it’s going to fill in the space as you have time to tackle them.

This was one of our lessons our administration provided us, when I was a school nurse: Franklin Convey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This helped me a lot with prioritizing my day when working from home and keeping to a schedule.

My loving husband being the smarty pants that he is replied but the waves are my big rocks and they are passing me by. ? He is a surfer ?. LOL yes make this a big rock if that helps you.

You decide what is important in your life. You can change your plans as you need to and the world will not end. Embrace life and live each day thankful and with intent on your choices you make.

My focus this year is on consistent healthy choices. My FASTer Way To Fat Loss® has improved my choices of the times and food choices I make. I personally have seen amazing results 25+ inches lost and no longer at risk for high blood pressure or diabetic medicine.

My next online class begins 2/25/19, I would love to show you how to start a lifestyle that is sustainable for life, built around whole food, carb cycling and intermittent fasting. REGISTRATION

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Waves crashing onto the jetty- boulders of life.
My Love and Life

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