Be Your BEST

When you are wanting to be healthier mentally and physically it starts with your mindset and you implementing change.  Alot of my clients tell me I know what to do, I just don’t do it. Changing is hard. You do not have to change multiple things all at once. You can start slow and start practicing being your BEST.

My main thing everyday is I tell myself positive things. I am a great health coach. I am stronger today. I am going to do great things with my clients, writing and family. You have to practice positve talk and keep positive people in your life. This is the best place to start; your self talk.

BE POSITIVE You must think and speak positive. Understanding change is difficult but you can do this with positive thinking, positive support and accountability and a positive belief in yourself that you can learn and implement healthy habits into your life. 

EATING HEALTHY whole foods six days a week and allowing a meal or day for that pizza, cookie or drink will improve your nutrition and allow your body to function optimally. Making sure you are eating as close to your macros 7 days a week. 

STAYING ACTIVE and getting those 7-10 thousand steps in a day. Starting where you are with your physical mobility and working to your best ability. Learning how to strength train to build lean muscle, improve your metabolism and increase bone density to help prevent injury. 

TAKES TIME a daily reminder to myself and clients. We did not get to the point of being over-weight, tired, decreased energy and restless sleep or what ever the change you are working on overnight or in a week. There is no quick fix, “magic pill” for improving your health. You must work at this daily. With your consistent work on the above statements YOU WILL GET there in time. 

If you are ready to start practicing today community over competition, progress over perfection, self grace, a positive mindset, surround yourself with positive people, learn how to track macros (your calories) and begin exercising where you are join me in my next online FASTer Way To Fat Loss program.

This will be the BEST decision you make for yourself. It is not a quick fix, this program is sustainable for life. I would love to be your certified FWTFL health coach.

XO Cheryl

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