Bears, Cops and Robbers and the Red Dirt Road

This past Thanksgiving I got the privilege of participating in a conversation that made me stop and think.  The conversation revolved around social media and the fact that they don’t waste their time on this because it’s all fake.  Your scrolling through looking at everyone’s “perfect” life or seeing advertisements that don’t work.  I had to put my two cents in, because I do share my pictures of my kids, my workout, my dogs and cats, my recipes, and yes my EVER skin care (because it does work LOL).  Also, this week I have been studying and preparing to become a certified FASTer Way To Fat Loss® health coach. Now this does sound like a gimmick.  I have tried every diet and workout in the book. I have always fought to stay in shape or at a reasonable weight.  I had recently gained the weight back I had lost back, one more time.  This program uses whole/clean food, intermittent fasting, carb cycling,no supplements or pre-boxed food, and  no buy in, except the cost of the program.  It worked so well, I will test this evening.  Back to the “perfect life”.

We discussed how people post everything and it becomes overloading.  I do agree with how some people post too much of their daily lives or drama -” burning to pee, what should I do?”   No one wants to hear about our family feuds.  Oh yes, that smiling family with those three beautiful blond headed kids and the fireman husband we have “baggage” and arguments, who doesn’t, but that is not for the world to see. That is for us to work through and continue to love and respect each other.  God created us all different and gave us a destiny to become more like Jesus Christ. When you allow every day events, social posts, and baggage to determine your peace and joy, where is your joy and eyes focused.  Are you focused on the worldly things around you? John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. By following and keeping your eyes and heart focused on God, events, arguments, or “bad days” will not put you in a state of dismay. You will still find the peace within you, to forgive and see the beauty and joy around you.

 I had a lovely beach walk with my husband and Sadie this last week.   This is big, because hubby hasn’t been walking on the beach with me since, we stopped running or his medical device.  Which is confidential and not everyone’s business.  I took pictures of getting my hour walk in; to post to a thread for #proof with my group of women who are on this same journey.  These pictures and videos were wonderful.  Full of happiness, beautiful waves, birds, my dog and husband, the sun peaking through this foggy, empty winter beach. Here is a short video of our beach walk.

 These pictures can put a smile on your face.  Oh, the drive home-SMH (shake my head), could have ruined the day. Sadie is to stay in the back of the Tahoe.  She has her head and front paws on the back of the seat, whining.  We are less than a quarter of a mile from home and Kenny hollers, “NO!” as he slams on the breaks. I feel a swerve and look up with him holding Sadie down on the floor board.  We are not in the ditch, but at a stop in the middle of the road.  It is not a good feeling to be looking down when breaks are hit, you’re kinda in limbo.  Sadie had cleared the back seat and landed in the floor board.  Oh, Mr. Kenny was little upset, Sadie was wet and he didn’t want the smell of dog all on my seats.  He continues to speak angrily to Sadie, yes we talk to her like a human.  She keeps me from going coo-coo working from home, when no one is around.  I start laughing thinking how this is so relevant to what we had talked about this past weekend. Here let me take a picture of this wet pitiful sad yellow Lab with her begging eyes;  along with the pinched face of my hubby and post our oops.  I didn’t.  I just enjoyed and savored the morning walk with my husband and dog.  That’s the moment I want to remember.

Posts on social media, you don’t know what is real or fake, unless you really know this person.  We (I) want to see posts of happy dogs or pets, your families, your big wins, your passion for a product you use or sell, your plates of food, your requests for prayers, your sharing of a funny GIF, your birthdays and graduations.  These are just a few of the many parts of your life, your personality, your loves.   We are not perfect and our lives are constantly changing with the seasons of life.  One person and promise that stays the same everyday is Jesus Christ. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.  He is perfect in all of His ways.  Psalms 18:30 God’s way is perfect. All the LORD’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.  Staying true to your belief you must keep your eyes and heart on the Lord.  Learning and growing in faith will build your relationship with Jesus Christ.  This can be done by reading your bible, going to church, listening to podcasts, and surrounding yourself with other Christians. Surrounding yourself, not just with Christians, but with people, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, religious preference,  who are positive and lift you up. People who will make you think and grow in this beautiful world.  Knowing God’s word will give you strength and knowledge in knowing the difference between fake teachings and biblical teachings -God’s promises and rules. Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.

There will be one part of this story I remember so vividly, but I never got a chance to talk with my Aunt.  In my mind it’s true, along with the vivid memories from Sister.

The sun was rising slowly up above the tall pine trees and the morning fog was burning off across the field.  It was almost time to start playing outside. We had decided to play cops and robbers.  It was more or less a game of tag. This game always got my heart racing. Not sure if the out of breath, was because I was an out of shape kid with a snotty nose and allergies or the super adrenaline rush of fear.  I would run from the cop and my imagination always took off.  My mind would race to a horrible outcome of a monster, something or someone actually chasing me.  Especially when Brother chased me.  He always growled and hollered at us.  Us being my sister.  I was the oldest.  My sister was the middle child and brother was the baby.  At this point of our life we were 5, 7, and 9 years old.  We moved in with Granny when I was entering the 4th grade. Granny’s house became home to us for the next 5 years.

Our three-bedroom, white wooden house- with red shutters, sat bout 50 yards off the red dirt road.  You could smell the iron ore in the air, from the dust that blew into the unsealed windows and cracks in the wooden floors.   The wooden walls had peeling cloth wall paper and paneling.   Our wooden home sat on cinder blocks and was surrounded by towering cedar and oak trees, with one beautiful mimosa tree with wisteria vine entwined in the tree.  The cedar trees were so large their limbs touched the ground.  Their limbs created a canopy of shade and wall of protection from the red dirt road.

We had ventured outside today and was deeply involved in a real game of cops and robbers.  Brother was the cop or it. He was running like a mad man, waving his arms and chasing us around our yard.  Sister and I were the robbers he was trying to arrest.  We didn’t have any boundaries, except you couldn’t get on the red dirt road.  We had already had a scare from a log truck once this summer. I zigged and zagged around the oak trees and through the putt-putt course, being careful to not crush the cups or kick the rails. I cut across the front yard to the club house under the cedar tree.  I slowed down as I was jumping over the septic tank lid and totally missed my landing. This gave Brother the perfect opportunity to hit the back of my shoulder.

“Your it!”  he cried out about the same time we both heard a high pitched shriek.  That was Sister, something was wrong!

Brother and I ran to the sound of the scream by the wash house.  She was not here. We started running around the yard looking for her. “Sister! Sister! Where are you?”, we both hollered out in unison.

She was no were to be found. “We have to go tell mom”, Brother said.

We both took off to the house without Sister in tow. We burst through the screen door hollering for mamma.  There Sister was.  Her eyes were as big as saucers.  She was as pale as a ghost you see on Scooby Doo. Mom was attempting to calm her down and trying to figure out what had happened.  All sister kept saying was a bear, a bear, a bear. In a squeaky scared voice.

A bear?

Sister finally calmed down and told us she had been running from Brother and had cut through the house and had lost him.  I was thinking we need to add no going in the house.  I kept my mouth shut and continued to listen to her story.   Brother had changed courses and took off after Me. Sister had ran out of the front door to head to the open field in the back yard.    She was running up beside Granny’s house, by the mimosa tree and ran into a bear. The bear was standing up reaching to the top of the angel trumpet tree by the kitchen window.  She fell back on her bottom and the bear came down on his feet and walked off across the red dirt road.  This is point where Brother and I had heard her scream.

Oh wow, this is going to be even harder to play cops and robbers.  I am going to have visions of bears in my head now when I run. Mom called her Sister from next door. Our  Aunt came over to discuss the bear. They started talking at the dining room table and Sister and I got to babysit our cousin, with the adults still around.  Our cousin was about one.  We decided we would go play outside near the front porch.   I hadn’t seen the bear and I was explaining to Sister, “It’s more scared of you than you are of him.”  So it is safe to go outside.  This was the big sister in me trying to convince her to go outside with me, because I surely didn’t want to go outside by myself, and I could not sit still in the living room for the rest of the morning.

Sister, my cousin and I were sitting on the ground rolling the basketball back and forth.  Our cousin was laughing and pushing the basketball with all her might. I grabbed the ball and threw it at my Sister’s head. She ducked and hollered at me, “I’m telling mom, that could have hit me!”

I jumped  up and started hollering  for her to move it.  A golden colored bear had come into the yard and sat down behind her.  We both took off into the house. We jumped onto the big green couch and looked out the window.  Oh no, we had forgot our cousin!  There she was sitting in the red dirt, still smiling and waving her hands.  And there sat this honey colored Winnie the pooh looking bear, not even 20 yards from her. We were definitely in trouble now.

All the commotion Mamma and Aunt came into the living room. We turned around in fear;  we didn’t have to say a word. Aunt doesn’t even ask where was her baby, she burst out that door to rescue her.  Rescue her from what?  A bear!  We looked out the window and all we saw was our cousin sitting there waiting on someone to pick her up.  Needless to say, we didn’t get to babysit her ever again.

Real, fake, or the imagination of a kid. Ask me or Sister – real!

Matthew 6:33-34 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

These are the words I will look to and know I serve a risen Lord, and not worry about trying to figure out fake, real, or even judging someone else for what they post.  Life is too short, love the ones who are in your life; they are with you for a reason.    Strife to lead the life you are destined for.

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