Being Kind To Yourself

Yesterday was exhausting but rewarding.  Learning to speak and engage with people I do not know is one thing I struggle with.   

I was a vendor at a church festival all day Saturday.  I could have sat down behind my table as others were doing.  I could have waited for the shoppers to ask me questions and begin the conversation, but they too shied away when I was talking with others. 

I had one lady come to my table several times, picked up my information while I was busy talking with another.  She eventually came back by and I started the conversation.

The Doughnuts on the table help.  Offering doughnuts to the kids that passed by, when the moms were always leery thinking it was for display only was a great conversation starter.

 The question out of 99% of everyone I spoke too, “You get to eat doughnuts on your diet?”.

Well yes, it is leg day and this is not a diet was my response.

Each person I spoke to about the FASTer Way To Fat Loss yesterday asked the question about the doughnuts and followed up with a statement of, “I was wondering what this was.”

They could see me standing, talking with others, smiling with each of them, making eye contact and showing kindness and being nonjudgmental.

I was able to talk with them about the FWTFL program. I also had the opportunity to talk about generosity with giving to Heels to Halos, Judy’s House, and giving back to the Harvey Relief program.  This also allowed for me to ask them what is one thing they wanted to improve for 2019-2020?

Their answers were similar. 

Lose weight, being able to get down on the floor and play with my kids, be their for my grandkids, improve my health, lose the belly fat from menopause……..

Yes, we talked about the physical changes the FASTer Way To Fat Loss could bring them and they could see my physical changes in my before and after pics.

But the big topic of the day was how we think and talk to ourselves. We talked the most about mindset.  

The mental change I have experienced living the FASTer Way, and not on a “diet”.

We talked about the courage to take a step out of your comfort zone and make time for yourself to improve your health for your kids.  We talked about finding their why. 

The mindset of the all or nothing thinking, the on a diet off a diet, the words of I’m being good today or no that food is bad. 

Hearing all these women speak words I too have spoken to myself broke my heart. 

This is my reason for being a FASTer Way To Fat Loss coach.  To help women see they do not have to starve to lose fat and to understand progress over perfection.   Showing women how to break free from the diet mentality. 

Loving themselves daily and surrounding themselves with people who will lift them up and hold them accountable.

My passion is with self-talk.  Speaking words of kindness to yourself daily.  Treating and speaking to yourself as you treat and speak others.  

Your own soul is nourished when you are kind, but you destroy yourself when you are cruel. Proverbs 11:17

We need to take these words personally.  Be kind to others, but ladies be kind to yourself too.

Are you battling with negative self-talk?  Are you wanting to improve your health mentally and physical? 

Join me in my next FASTer Way online round and learn how to change your mindset of dieting into living.  Living in kindness to yourself and others.  Giving to yourself and others. 

When you experience the mindset change, the physical change will follow.

XO Cheryl

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