Carb Cycling: What You May Be Missing

Are you finding yourself missing fruits and vegetables that have carbs?

Has your weight loss plateaued?

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Are you finding yourself exhausted?

Are you holding belly fat in your midsection?

Are you following a strict meal plan or “diet” that is overwhelming with a lot of do’s and don’ts?

Carbohydrates is your body’s first line of energy.  When you eat carbohydrates, your body turns the food into glucose (sugar), which is used for energy.  If you do not use all the carbohydrates up, they are turned stored as glycogen and fat.

When you carb cycle and eat low carbs 25% or less, your body does not have the free roaming glucose for energy, so it pulls from your stored glycogen and fat cells.  This turns you into a fat burner, not a sugar burner. 

Low carb works for a short time only.  It may cause an imbalance in your hormones.  So, with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program we carb cycle.  We keep our body guessing what we will be eating and in a state of confusion.  We give it high carbs on our strength days, so we have energy to power through our workouts.  On low carb days we are increasing the fat burn with high intensity workouts, so our body pulls fat for energy.  This creates the fat loss.

When your body has enough carbohydrates of your regular carb days it allows for your body to reset your metabolism. 

Learning how to carb cycle may help you with balancing your hormones that your body needs to maintain your energy, improve your sleep and still allow for the body to use glycogen and fat for energy.

Having both low and high carbs days throughout your week allows for your body to enjoy the benefits of both carb restriction and carb overload. 

Join us in the next FASTer Way To Fat Loss online nutrition and fitness program.  I will show you how to carb cycle and pair this with a fitness program that starts where you are.

Let start enjoying all food and an occasional leg day treat meal.

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