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Today I was working on my Quarterly Newsletter for my day job clients. This newsletter helped me create a weeks worth of content and a blog post that could be pages long. I’m not going to bore you with all the data etc, because I know per science LOL, our attention spans aren’t like they use to be. I used evidence based health and wellness articles that have been medically approved. Healthline is my go to, as well as My Fitness Pal, FASTer Way To Fat Loss and ACE.

Life as we knew it has been disrupted. You have made the decisions to send your child back to school or keep them home. You yourself, may be still working from home. If you are on the Gulf Coast here in Texas and Louisiana you are adding onto the COVID list of stress, hurricanes. We are waiting patiently trying not to drink the hurricanes or coronas.

You adjusted to the new rules of wearing a mask and social distancing. You even started working hard to eat healthy and stay active, but the fat (especially in the belly) is creeping back on. WHY?


Your stress level may be elevated. When your stress level is high, whether this is situational or chronic your fight or flight hormone, cortisol rises. When it rises you may experience trouble sleeping, headaches, elevated blood pressure, lack of concentration and weight gain in your belly and upper back.

Who’s bras have gotten tight? Emoji is showing my hand is raised.

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss helps me control my stress by decreasing the time and energy I need to plan out a menu, grocery list, go to the gym or find a workout. I am so thankful for the thousands of women who are with me in this lifestyle program.

Honestly, there is SO MUCH confusion out there about how to live a healthy
lifestyle that most people give up and go back to habits they know aren’t
healthy. If this is you, you can STOP feeling discouraged and START
implementing simple habits that will help you feel amazing every day and help you prevent stress eating!

The tips for helping prevent the cortisol from rising and to help decrease our stress in my review of the articles followed a lot of my FASTer Way skills. This is why I haven’t slipped back to old habits, I am still maintaining and living this lifestyle,even when I grabbed the extra glass of wine waiting on Hurricane Laura, oh yeah and the reese’s. THe FASTer Way is sustainable for LIFE!

CONTACT A FRIEND OR FAMILY – TALKING WITH OTHERS: Keeping myself engaged in our community keeps the increased isolation feeling from creeping in when I work from home all day. The community also helps me learn from others, holds me accountable and gives me support even when I want to throw my hands up and stay in my PJs at times.

DON’T RESTRICT The FASTer Way is not a restrictive diet. It is a carb cycle plan based on whole foods and eliminates dairy and gluten as much as possible. I was told over the years increase your calories by my now FASTer Way Coach for several months. She brought us the FASTer Way to our Island and guess what? I had to increase my calories and learn how to manage my macros. Learning how to add your favorite glass of wine or chocolate (Reeses) into your life was golden. We do this on our leg day.

Have you ever tried to eat clean all week just to indulge in a “cheat day” on
the weekend where you eat ALL THE THINGS? ????? It may be fun at the time, but then it ends up tasting more like regret than burgers and fries. And the way it made you feel?? So NOT worth it!

We don’t believe in cheat days… but we DO believe in TREATS! I work them into my nutrition cycle in a strategic way so I can still enjoy life and special occasions withOUT a single bit of regret or guilt.

Create a Healthy Meal Plan and Remove the Temptation Stress can cause you to mindlessly snack. Creating an eating schedule and trying to keep the junk food out of the house will help you eat clean and stick to your plan. Having to make the time to create a meal plan, grocery list and eating schedule can be added stress. This is one thing I do not miss. Each week we receive a meal plan for 3 meals each day, with the grocery list.

Shop in your kitchen first and mark everything off your list then go shopping with list already made. The problem you may be thinking about it “my kids won’t eat this or I don’t like this kind of food”. You can change it to food items you and your family like to eat. Can’t eat shrimp substitute for chicken. Don’t like broccoli eat a salad. You simply have to learn what a food makes up each macro and I know you can do this.

Stay Hydrated Ensuring your are drinking enough water and staying hydrated helps with mental and physical wellbeing. When you are dehydrated you may snack more and have low energy. Our goal drink half your body weight each day. If you don’t like plain water add in fruit.

Get Moving, Prevent Boredom, Practice Portion Control, Be Present are the remaining skills you need to learn to help prevent stress. It seems like alot. You can look at these skills or lists and think I will never learn all these. Take a break and breath in deeply now exhale.

These skills are needed for a healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix to lose weight. These skills help you with maintaining your healthy mentally and physically. Pick one or two and practice for a week.

Routines are just as important for adults as they are for kids and getting into a healthy routine won’t just help you feel better, it will help you see results! If you tend to be an all-or-nothing person when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, I’m here to give you permission to give that up!
Instead of striving for perfection, try building simple healthy habits that you work on every day. Sometimes the small changes make the biggest

Sometime you need the extra glass or wine, the comfort food, or chocolate. If you do this occasionally it is so ok. It is when this becomes your habit and it turns to an everyday routine can start to cause problems with your health mentally and physically.

These habits will stay with you and help you prevent the stress eating. Even when situations like hurricane season pop up and you grab that extra glass of wine or chocolate. You know when the crisis is over right where to pick up from, on your healthy carb cycle. And when all else fails try to do 1 or 2 each day during the crisis and know you are stronger and more resilient than you know. Keep moving forward.

If you’re ready to undo what the quarantine did, I’m here to help! Dial in your nutrition, get fit in just 30 minutes a day, and start making small changes that give you BIG results. Register for my next FASTer Way To Fat Loss round. We’ll start learning the simple daily habits that will make all the difference in your health and wellness journey.

When you join, you’ll start:
?burning fat effectively
?sleeping better at night
?having more energetic during the day
?relying less on coffee
?increasing your confidence
?feeling like YOU again

Keep working each day to learn progress over perfection and self grace when you do stumble.

I’m on the right!!

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