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Coffee on the Red Dirt Road

Growing up we would wake up in the mornings to the smell of coffee brewing, in Granny’s house (our house). Granny made her coffee strong and drank it black.  We were never allowed coffee.  We were told, “It will stunt your growth.”  We believed this, just like “Don’t drink milk with fish. It will make you sick.”  I actually told my kids these two things when they were little.  Just the other day, Tay, now 19 told me, “Oh no!  mom, look I’m drinking milk with my fish.”  SMH and smile. back to the coffee-

I love the smell of coffee.  It’s warm, inviting, comfort reminds me of Granny’s and all the time we would try to sneak a drink of her magic coffee.  UGH, nope it never tasted good, except in her Red Earth Cake. I started drinking coffee in college like most kids trying to stay up and study, or get up from a long night of studying (wink wink-partying). I put in sweetener and cream.  I was basically drinking sugar cream.  I have done my coffee this way for years.

When I tried one of my many diets I looked at the calorie label of my cream and told my self, “It only has 35 calories, It will be ok.” 35 calories a tablespoon, it took 3-4 tablespoons to get it the right color. That is 140 calories per cup, that turned into 2-3 cups in the morning. So,in coffee alone that was 420 calories a day!  Wow this is the first time I have actually figured the calorie stats out.  All of the creamer calories come from sugar, sugar alcohol and other ingredients I can not pronounce.  I never changed this habit in my diets until now.

I have really started working on changing my way of living and eating.  It started 9 weeks ago when I started the FASTer Way to Fat Loss ® (FWTFL).  For the first two weeks I was not going to change this, not giving up my coffee with cream.  Even during intermittent fasting (IF) I was using my cream in my coffee. I started reading and listening to the information on the positive effects IF does for your body and the  bad insulin spikes, etc.  So, I started drinking my coffee black.  It was hard.  It smelled so good, but was bitter.  I switched up my brands and found one that was smooth and actually tasted good.  Not great yet, but I was getting acquired to this habit. My cups of coffee went down to 1/2 cup, then 1 cup.  Hey I am now 9 weeks later up to 2 cups in the morning if I’m lucky.  Most days it’s one and half.  My afternoon coffee, if I decide I want a cup, is with Nut pod flavored cream.  Only 10 calories NO sugar.  It is almost too sweet.

On days when I am carb cycling and I am eating more of my calories from fat I add coconut oil or salt free butter.  Today’s lesson I am reading is showing us how to make bullet proof coffee.  Didn’t know this was a true thing.  Take a look.

This change in coffee and the way I am working on being more mindful of what I put into my body,  all started with trusting the process of a new way to enjoy food, work out and live. If you want to learn more about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss ® I will be starting an online course just in time for  your  New Year. I would love for you to join me. Also, if you have any questions about FWTFL let me know.

Going for cup 2 on this cold morning.  Happy Wednesday.

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