Comfortable in My Skin

Living on a humid, hot beautiful Island where the wind is always blowing and the sun is always in your face, I am finding summer times are spent living in tank tops, flip flops and hats over the years. I am so comfortable in flip flops and hats, but with tank tops😬I become very self conscious of my arms. You know those bat wings and the back fat that sneaks above your bra – you know what I’m talking about. 😜

Bottom pic work out done

These pictures are years apart, the smile is still there, but how I am feeling you might not can see. I am happy in both, but the confidence level in the bottom picture out weighs the top. I am getting definition in my shoulders and the back fat is barely sneaking up!! My strength in my entire body can out do the girl in the green tank by miles!!

I no longer grab my cover ups to hide my arms, unless they are cute.

If you are ready to start feeling comfortable in your own skin and keep that smile on, even when you are working towards a healthier version of you join me in my next round online with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss. We offer daily health coach and support, meal plans, and a workout portal that starts where you are in your fitness level. This means we work with couch potatoes, gym rats, marathon runners, pregnant females, used to be athletes in our younger years (me) and menopausal middrift peeps (me again), and men too. We are the FASTer Way and we are here for you, where ever you are in your life.

XO Cheryl

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