Enjoying the Dog Days of Summer

Summer of 2020 may not be going as planned, but we have had almost 6 months to get ready for August with our “new normal”. Learning how to have fun outdoors with your family I hear is on the rise. Tents and RV sales are up, per Air1 radio yesterday.

We’ve always enjoyed the great outdoors. When we went camping we took everything but the kitchen sink. Temperatures one summer was hitting 108. We could not afford an RV so we tent camped. My dear husband is so creative, you would want him on your team in survivor. LOL

We had a generator for storms here on the Island, so we took it with us along with a window unit he had stashed. Yes he did, put us an AC in our tent. It looked like an igloo because he wrapped it with insulation and drop clothes. We enjoyed all the camping trips whether it was hotter than you know what or no water in the river. It was the people we were with and the love of our family to find adventures and happiness each day.

We laughed about how Kenny would bark orders to all of us and all we wanted to do was go to the river, but he provided and taught each us how to camp and survive. Oh I helped too, Girls Scouts paid off, they all can cook a cake in the ground.

I sat on the porch this morning thinking about these great adventures and getting my day started with our FASTer Way workout. Today though I wanted to be out on the water kayaking. I pictured me and my dogs (my kids now LOL) paddling into the marsh watching the red fish fins hit the top of the water as you neared, seeing the spray of sand from the sting ray taking off and all the bait showering down like rain as they jumped out of our way.

Great imagery, except Sadie and Stitch didn’t visualize this. I know this because I now have bruises across my shins and Lord help us if anyone was watching this morning. It took me 5 minutes to figure out the back of the seat has a latch to hold it up. The seat kept falling down everytime I would try to sit down. It also did not help that Sadie gets really crazy when we workout, 4 wheeler or gp boating. She was in and out of the kayak like it was hot lava.

I could not convince Stitch to get into the kayak. She stayed waiting on the shore as Sadie I took off. Sadie was paddling quickly trying to get into the kayak, hence the tip over. I looked back and here comes Stitch swimming after us. She has recently started jumping into the water when I mow and playing, but I have never seen her swim. She has always ran the shore line and tippie toed in the shallows.

I slowed the kayak down to wait on Stitch and here comes Sadie trying to claw her way into the kayak. Then Stitch swims right up on top of Sadie. I just knew they were going to drown with all the huffing and puffing. I stayed close to shore so they could run and swim out to me. We had a great workout, even if it wasn’t the one I had planned in my head.

We never made it to the marsh. We did have fun and got a workout in- core, arms and cardio. Learning to not get discouraged and frustrated when your plans don’t go as you have them set is one area I have learned to just be thankful and to go with the flow, have fun and find the good in everyday activities. I used to get bent out of shape when things didn’t go as planned.

Look around you at all the everyday blessings that God has given you. Reflect over how He has helped you through your trials and misfortunes. Learning to be grateful will help you stay in a positive mindset even during trials and disruptions of your plans.

Enjoy these last months of summer before returning to school. All you mamas out there know you are making the right decisions for your kids, in how they go back to school.

XO Cheryl

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