Fighting the Excuse

Why do you want to lose weight?

Why do you want to be healthy?

Why do you want to feel good?

Think about all the whys to those questions.

Mine was to be able to breath when I bent over to tie my shoe. To not get put on blood pressure or diabetic medicine. To be able to climb my stairs into my house. To be active and without chronic disease as I grew older.

I am listening to a pod cast with the #nobswomen life coach @corinne_crabtree she was discussing your WHYs. This little word is a powerful tool to help you with weight loss. It’s your pause button. When you decide to eat off plan and you grab the doughnut the office staff brought in, you get to decide (PAUSE) will this help my future self or is it self gratification? Why do I want it?

My FASTer Way To Fat Loss online program is the only plan I have been able to stick to. It is a lifestyle, plan, and community that supports healthy eating, no restrictive calorie or food group cutting. If you find something that works don’t quit on yourself. That is the key to weight loss. We continue to learn, be consistent, show up and find courage to not quit.

Here’s to Friday Wins!! I didn’t allow an excuse to derail me into a negative self talk battle. I chose to move on and keep learning. What was your win last week?

Did you you quit this past week working to eat healthier and lose weight? On Thursday, I am usually done by now eating “right”. It’s hard. I know how you feel. I still struggle with the diet mentality of eating right, good food versus bad food.

Letting go of the perfectionist type thinking does not correct itself over night, in 6 weeks, or even 2 years. Ladies this journey of losing weight starts in your mind, your brain. It’s you taking the time to invest in yourself. I am not talking about investing in my FASTer Way, I am talking about YOU taking the time you need to change your thinking.

To learn how to get the negative chatter that goes on in your head when you ate the Oreos. The FASTer Way gave me the tools to help change not only how I was eating but my expectations. It is a journey. I am changing slowly and doing something each day to be able to see myself when I am 80.

What are your goals for the upcoming week? I would love to hear from you, so I can support you on your health and wellness journey.

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