Getting Your Water In Without the Excuses

Hydrate hydrate hydrate. During the heat of summer you need to Increase your water, especially if you are outside and sweating.

How much water are you getting in? The minimal standard is 64 ounces. The Institute of Medicine suggest women should drink 9 cups a day, while men should drink 13 cups a day.

One healthy habit to follow is half your body weight in ounces, not going over 100 ounces. Always check with your provider if you have medical issues that may not allow you to increase your water.

For all my teacher and nursing friends, or whoever finds themselves not able to get to the bathroom when ever they need and use this as an excuse to not getting in their fluids; here is a simple trick to help increase your water intake.

💧Drink 20 ounces upon rising – go to the bathroom before work.
💧Drink the next 20 one hour before lunch- go to the bathroom before returning to work
💧Drink the last 20 on your way home.
💧Once you are home you only have 4 ounces to go!!!

If you find your self not liking the taste of plain water try adding in fresh fruits and herbs. Check out these flavors. Here are some great combinations! Top left going down


If you are trying to maintain weight or manage your blood sugar levels, swap out your sugar sweetened beverages for 1 bottle of calorie free water.
Start slow – change the one sugary drink for a bottle of water for a week, a month then replace another sweet beverage with another water bottle. Pretty soon you will be down to 1 or even better ZERO.

For more information on living intentionally and to improve your health join me in the FASTer Way To Fat Loss online program. I would love to be your health coach.

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