Grilled Venison wrapped in Bacon

The secret to having venison not taste “gamey” or wild tasting is to soak it.  We soak our venison at least 24 hours in milk or salt water in the refrigerator. Place your venison in a bowl and cover with milk or water. When using water add about 2 tsp of salt to the water.  The second part to having perfect venison is to make sure you have tenderized it.  We used to tenderize the meat with a meat tenderizer tool.  We now have an electric meat tenderizer that makes the job much easier.  We tenderize all the venison before we freeze it. This is because we process our own venison.  If you are needing to tenderize only smaller servings of meat,  Pampered chef has a meat tenderize that is easy to use. The toothed side of the Meat Tenderizer. cuts through tough meat easily.  Use the flat side to flatten chicken breasts so they cook evenly, or to crush cookies, crackers, cereal, nuts and other food to use in recipes.


2 pounds of venison

1 pound of thin bacon cut in half

pearl onions and whole mushrooms washed

shish kabob sticks

salt and pepper


Prepare grill to have heat set at 350

Soak shish kabob sticks in water while preparing grill

Cut meat into 1 inch cubes and season

Wrap a half of strip of bacon around meat

Slide onto shish kabob adding in onions and mushrooms

Repeat this process till all meat is on the sticks

Grill for about 2-4 minutes on each side. It will cook quickly

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