Having the Cake and Eating It To With Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting research is showing that people who follow a time restricted eating schedule, instead of a calorie deficit diet are more likely to adapt this skill into a lifestyle. 

As the article said, “You may still be able to have your cake and eat it too.”

I am so excited to see this fact checked article on how IF is helping reverse diabetes, prevent patients from possibly going into metabolic syndrome diseases and improve their health with weight loss. It also shows studies of peopel who are currently on medications.

The study showed “weight loss, reduced abdominal fat, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and more stable blood sugar and insulin levels for participants already living with metabolic syndrome.”

Yes, I am living proof of this!

I have reversed prediabetes, no longer at risk of needing high blood pressure pills, and have lost 18 inches in my belly.  Thirty-three inches total body fat gone!

Me before and afters – 14 weeks

I have tried every diet on the marketplace and always fail.

With IF, this lifestyle change is the easiest part of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss plan in my opinion.  I was scared at first of fasting, but I found I sleep for most of it.  I have increased energy and my sleep has improved. 

In the FWTFL we practice 16 hours of fasting and eat our whole food in 8 hours.  The study was a 10-hour eating window and a 14 hour fast.

Even during the holiday season from Halloween to the New Year intermittent fasting is a skill I practice daily and still enjoy the cake and an occasional adult beverage; don’t forget anything Reeses.

If you are wanting to start a lifestyle that you can stick through, even during the holidays, join me for my next round of the Faster Way

Take a look for yourself and see what research is saying about IF in this article: Intermittent Fasting May Help You Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Me at our FWTFL coaches conference
Client and now FWTFL Coah- Hope

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