Hot Corn Casserole made with Nutrional Yeast for Cheese Sauce

Ok, I was skeptical to say the least. I was surprised I found the nutritional yeast at Wal-mart, on the isle with the almond flour, sugar, etc. The smell was a little “off”, someone (Kenny of Tiffy) complained of a rotten foot smell. LOL. It was not that bad. It does have an odor, but not bad.

One thing I did learn from the recipe Easy Vegan Nacho Cheese Dip is that I will need to decrease the water. She instructed you to use 3 cups of water to blend your ingredients and add the 4th cup of water as needed. I used the 3 but found this to still be too watery for the Hot Corn Casserole I was making. Trial and error. Next time I will start with 2, I needed the cheese sauce to be thicker, like cheese whiz. I will update the original recipe soon.

Cashews needed soaking, should have looked at the recipe earlier in the day. This took up a little time but was not something that would discourage me from making again.

TASTE – it was delicious . Even on a chip, it tasted like a cheese sauce with fancy spices. Texture I might could have made a little smoother for the chips. We didn’t eat chips and the sauce, we only were trying it.

I will make again. Everyone ate it and it was not a hard recipe to follow. Soak, blend, boil, and add to your recipe. Just be observant on how thick or thin your sauce needs to be.

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