Hot Dogs


Baseball and Hot dogs


Working today on creating my 7 day meal plan and finished up Baseball, Socks and the Red Dirt Road left me laughing out loud.  When I started thinking what recipe can I tag with baseball.  What comes to your mind? HOT DOGS! Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the…… are you singing yet?  My meal plan is simple if it has a mother or grows in the ground it is fair game, if it fits into your macros.  Hot dogs? These portable wieners, processed meat has always been a fun, favorite at many out door BBQ, parties, and yes fixing your own lunch when you are 9.  Don’t judge 🙂 It actually is good.  A little salty and sweet.  This is something I don’t have very often, lets say maybe once every other year.  Who knows when the last time I ate this. But what the heck there is always days that are free days and fun food is a good thing, so try something new.  Talking with sister found out the original post of the recipe was totally wrong.  How could I have messed up PB and a hot dog?  Well a little back history.  This recipe or quick meal came from our Aunt who lives next door to Granny.  The wiener becomes the bun and the PB becomes the wiener. 

Peanut Butter and Hot dogs

1 slice of bread

1 hot dog -microwaved 45 secs, boiled in water or baked at 350 degrees until done)

1 tbs or less of  peanut butter

My short cut:  Spread peanut butter on slice of bread.  Place cooked hot dog wiener on bread and fold in half. ENJOY

Aunt Sonja: Cook hot dog and cut hot dog length wise from one end to the other without cutting through the hot dog.  Fill wiener with peanut butter. It looks like a boat and eat with a fork or put in a piece of bread.


Chili Dogs

1 pack of hot dog wieners

1 pack of hot dog buns

1 8-10 ounce can of chili

8 slices of american cheese sliced

3 tbs of finely chopped onions (saute in pan or leave raw your choice)

Bake wieners in oven at 350 degrees about 10 minutes. Check and turn wieners over (roll them) bake about 5-10 more minutes.  Dump chili out of can and into a microwave safe bowl or into a sauce pan and heat till warm. Remove wieners  from oven.  Place hot dog buns on baking stone. Place wiener in hot dog bun.  Add spoonfuls of chili on top of wiener.  Add onions to however many people want onions. Open cheese, fold in half and place both pieces on top of chili. Place baking sheet of hot dogs in preheated oven still at 350 degrees. Bake till cheese melted and hot dog bun slightly brown.

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