I Know What To Do, I Just Don’t Do It

This is real.  Talking with my clients daily who are not in the FASTer Way, and I can not share my program with them drives me bonkers.

I hear from them I know what to do, I just don’t do it.  I begin thinking why don’t you do it?  What is stopping you from eating healthy or exercising?  What do you think you should do?

The responses I get are:

I must eat salads every day.

I’m a picky eater.

I must diet and go to the gym every day.

I can’t have my wine.

I eat a candy bar every day and ice-cream at night.

I eat fast food for lunch every day.

I don’t cook.

I don’t have time.

It’s too expensive and complicated.

We begin by discussing mindset.  When you are ready to change your habits, we start small.  Replacing 1 soda you drink with 1 water. We discuss the all or nothing mindset, that will derail any type of healthy eating plan.

Life is a journey of ebbs and flows.  We are up and we are down.  The valleys we are in we struggle, learn, build the foundation of our will power to keep striving to reach our goal or mountain top. 

Galations 6:9 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. With the stress and struggles of life my constant foundation is leaning on God’s word and knowing his promises for me. When I put Him first in my daily routines, I find joy in times of struggle. This helps me battle through the slips I have with emotional eating.

With the diet mindset, we tend to focus on a mental thinking of I can’t have this or I’m eating good today.  Understanding you are not good or bad when you chose to eat the cookie allows for you to be free of food guilt.

If you start thinking in a positive mindset of progress over perfection and start living out your “diet” or healthy eating as a lifelong journey not a quick fix you will see the benefits of your healthy choices over time.

Since I have found the FASTer Way To Fat Loss, I have a better understanding of the all or nothing mindset.  If I have the cookies in the office work room, I have not blown my day of eating healthy. 

I started thinking why don’t I do it (eating healthy everyday)?  Well I love ice cream and chips. I am human. I am not perfect.

Well this month, ok being honest the last 2 months, I have thrown caution to the wind and have eaten basically whatever I wanted to.

I have stuck to eating my healthy meals probably 3-4 times a week, worked out when my schedule allowed.

With the extra traveling I have indulged in the quick fast food more often than ever and just last night I had the ice cream with mom and Kenny watching a movie; it was not leg day.

The difference with me now during the FASTer Way is my mindset of how I feel about myself when I do eat this way, I am ok, no guilt.

I know tomorrow I will jump right back into sticking to my FASTer Way plan.

Understanding I do not eat this way every single day. 

Understanding I chose memories over macros during the holiday season.

Understanding I am not on a diet. Understanding this is a lifestyle journey, not a quick fix, so there is no end.

To start living healthier start simply by adding one or two of these skills below.  Always start with nutrition first, then rest. 

Whole foods- if it has a mamma or grows in the ground we eat it. Try to eat a non starchy vegetable at each meal.

Move More- get in a workout or just get in steps 8-10K. Get up from your desk every hour and move or stretch. Park a little farther from the stores.

Rest – get 7-9 hours’ sleep.  This means going to bed by 9 for me, because I can’t figure out how to sleep past 6.

Hydrate- get in 64-84 ounces a water a day. Me I shoot for 100 ounces.

If you’re ready to leave unhealthy habits behind of knowing what to do, but just not doing it or give yourself a fresh start without falling into the pitfalls of the all or nothing mindset, be sure to grab your spot and register for  my next FASTer Way to Fat Loss round opens at the start of 2020!

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