It’s About the Life You Gain, Not the Weight You Lose

Monday motivation led me to finding a statement that really hit home with me and made me reflect.  This last week, ok Sunday we have had some come to Jesus meetings with our clients and ourselves as past clients and coaches. 

When you start something new it is exciting, and you are gung ho with every task you do to reach your goal.  What happens when a year rolls around and you’ve put some of those strategies on hold?

You are tired of logging your food.  You don’t feel like working out.  You want the bag of chips.

For me, I start the self-talk.  I push the limits of what I can eat and slowly the old habits start coming back to under eating.  Then some days I don’t even stick to the plan. Then the crazy mindset of guilt of why you ate that bag of chips.  Yes, this real for me. 

Understanding why I started this journey, why I became a FASTer Way To Fat Loss health coach, why I chose to eat healthy or grab the bag of chips allows for me to refocus on my why, my emotions, my health and well-being.   

Knowing my weight loss journey is in my control and I have no one to blame of the choices I make.  The mindset of progress over perfection has improved the all or nothing mindset I started with on my FWTFL journey.  I began the program struggling with trying to have the perfect MFP macro pie chart. On those days it was not perfect I did not post.  This was not a healthy mindset.  Letting go of this thinking has been my biggest challenge.  It creeps into my thoughts, but it does not consume me. 

I go back to my WHY!  I do not want to be on blood pressure medications.  I do not want to be a diabetic. I do want to live out my life like my mother n law, when at 78 I am still working in my yard, hanging up Christmas lights, and building chicken coops. I do want to be able to go up and down stairs with a basket of laundry. 

So, when things aren’t perfect and you start to slide or doubt yourself my friends, go back to the beginning and find your WHY.

It is about the life you gain and the life you want live out with purpose.

If you find yourself struggling with weightloss I would love to talk with you and show you how to take control of your health. My next online round starts soon, join me.

XO Cheryl

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