Kale Bowl

I love being in the FASTer Way VIP groups as a client, even if I am a coach.  We all need support, accountability and someone to share our wins, struggles and to help us learn every day.

My leader in my 50+FWTFL VIP group Renee Carls shared with us her Kale Bowl.

This bowl is used on our carb days.  We cycle carbs in the FASTer Way. I tried the acai bowl, but it is too sweet. The kale bowl is not too sweet, and it is full of micronutrients. 

This is simple to make and you can make a big batch and freeze for later. 

Here is my video of making the kale bowl. I almost lose it when showing you. LOL


1 big handful of kale

1 medium banana

½ cup pineapple

I added in 2 scoops of vanilla protein

Toppings: per choice




Unsweetened coconut

Chopped almonds or other nuts

1 tablespoon of peanut butter melted (my fav)

Honey drizzle


Blend the kale, banana and pineapple, and protein in a blender till smooth.

Put in a bowl.

Add your toppings.

Then drizzle peanut butter or honey over bowl.

Eat and enjoy. 

To learn how you can find the support, accountability, plus learn new ways to eat, recipes, and pair your food with your nutrition to help improve your health inside and out by joining me in the FASTer Way To Fat Loss.

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