Knowing What To Do and Actually Doing It

As I start my second year of living the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle, I still struggle.

I struggle with the undereating. I become busy with life and start focusing on my work, clients, and everyone else.  I continue to practice intermittent fasting and the carb cycling.  I get lazy and don’t track my macros. 

I immediately start to notice when I begin to under eat.  My sleep is messed up.  I wake up two to three times a night. I am exhausted by 3pm looking for coffee or dare I say a sugary snack.

The days turn into weeks and I must literally schedule my time, just like I did a year ago.  Every morning I wake up schedule my food into My Fitness Pal.

I remind myself you know how it feels to fuel your body with the right nutrients.  Hitting the 2000+ calories each day within a week I start to notice my sleep has improved.  YEAH!!!! I am not waking up in the middle of the night. I am not exhausted midafternoon. 

One reason I see that it is easy to slip back into this unhealthy habit is because my clothes still fit.  I am still able to work out.  I am still seeing the physical results.

But the sleep and energy crash I have to deal with when I under eat wreaks havoc on mental clarity and my overall mindset. 

So, I am going into year 2 and this upcoming holiday season with the goal of hitting my macros daily. Logging my food and fueling my body with nutrient rich foods.

My belly was big as my boobs before I started

It is progress, not perfection.  It is a lifelong journey and mindset that I will continue to work on.  I know what to do, I must do it.  The reason I must do this is because of my why.

Why did I start the FASTer Way?  For my health.  I do not want to become diabetic or be put on blood pressure medications. I want to be healthy and fit at 78 and still be able to tackle my beach house stairs with ease.

We know what to do to be healthy.  Sometimes we just don’t do it.  Do you need the motivation and accountability to get started on improving your health?

Join me November 18th for my last FASTer Way To Fat Loss online round of 2019.  Lets go into 2020 with the knowledge and support of how to improve your health the right way – by not under eating and avoiding those calorie restrictive diets.

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