Loving Your Booty

Funny story about communication and loving your body as it is. Being grateful God gave me strong legs and glutes (booty) to get me through this life.

“Glutes are a vital muscle group that affects a lot more than you might realize. While it’s nice to feel good in your favorite pair of shorts or leggings, there’s actually a lot of research behind the importance of a strong back side. ” Amanda Tress, CEO FASTer Way To Fat Loss.

Yes, it’s taken me 35 plus years to accept this butt. It still creeps into my thoughts on hating it when trying on clothes. You have the normal waist, but to cover your butt you have to get a size up and then the waist is too large. Skirts, always having to pull them down in the back.

Well, my lovely daughter accepts this problem (she inherited my body type) because she accepts the booty shorts. I cringe when she comes down the stairs sometimes and tell her, “Sister, cover your butt!”.

Her smartass remark, “You gave it to me.” And she carries on.

One afternoon my husband tells her the same thing. “You need to get different shorts on, your butt is showing.”

Her same remark was. “Mama gave it to me.”

This really set Kenny off. He immediately started questioning why I would even think of buying her these shorts. Hold on there Mr. Kenny!!!

This had to be clarified she’s talking about her booty, not the shorts.

Accept your body as God made you, including your butt. Learning to stay strong and healthy as you age helps you with your mindset of loving your body and living life to your fullest potential.

My Fitness Journal I use each day prompts me to think about a body part and why I am thankful for it and it’s strength. Find the positive within you each day.

Dive deeper into what your butt (glutes) really does for you. Are you experiencing back pain or knee pain? Find out why it is good to have a strong butt by reading our latest FWTFL blog post- Why It’s Important To Train Your Glutes.

Join me in my next online FASTer Way To Fat Loss class and let’s start building those abs in the kitchen and the booty in the gym.

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