Making Fitness Stick

Fitness, what does that mean?  Does it mean you are competing against others to be more athletic or skinnier? Does it mean you are always having to eat salads (grass as one of my clients stated)?  Does it mean you have to crank out 2 hours of gym time a day?  Does it mean you will never get to eat a doughnut again?

No, my friends these questions are so far from the truth.  These are the beliefs that set you up for failure.  These strict rules do not allow you to live and enjoy life. If I had to go for the rest of my life and not have a Reese’s cup, especially at Easter, Halloween and Christmas when they come out with the egg, pumpkin and Christmas tree I don’t know what I would do.  These candies have the perfect amount of peanut butter.

Turning fitness into a habit that will stick will work if it is fun and not used as punishment. Learning to compete with only yourself and compare your progress is vital to allow you to grow mentally and physically.

Learning to fuel your body with enough calories is also key. Making 90% of those calories nutrient dense food that will help you power through your workouts.   It is also planning for the treat or fun food on leg day.  Understanding because you had a treat or fun food does not mean you need to double up on workouts or skip a meal. 

Setting time in your day for planned activities and workouts will help keep you consistent.  When you are busy taking your kids to all their after-school activities, don’t sit in the bleachers or car, get out and walk.  Something is better than nothing.

One more key to helping fitness become a habit is to make sure you schedule in a day of rest and recovery.  This allows your body to repair, prevent injury and burnout.  Getting enough sleep at night also helps with repairing your body and giving you the energy, you need to be the best you you can be.

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss has shown me how to incorporate each of the positive skills into my life.  We have treats on leg day.  We have workouts at your fingertips on our portal.  We fuel our bodies with nutrient dense whole foods.  If it has a mama or grows in the ground, we eat it.  No eliminating macros or starving yourself.  Can you wrap your head around 1900+ calories a day.  We have scheduled rest days.  Our hierarchy of needs puts rest right after nutrition. 

Above all else we have fun.  We are surrounded by women and men who are positive, uplifting, hold us accountable and are committed to the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle. 

To learn this lifestyle, have fun, improve your mindset of progress not perfection and make fitness become a habit join my next round of the FWTFL.  You will be improving your health mentally and physically. We will get you through the holidays without the shakes, pills, wraps or starvation.  We are the FASTer Way.

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