Making Your Will Power Stick

Are you tired every day? Can’t seem to find the willpower to stick to healthy eating or exercise?
Are you wanting to be able to keep up with your kids or grandkids?
Are you ready to start working with your provider to have a goal of decreasing the medications you take for diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure?

When given the choice of eating healthy and eating the doughnuts your co-workers brought in this morning, it all comes down to your choice and your willpower.

You all have willpower, but did you know it runs out.
Stress and how you handle stress is one of the killers of willpower.
You fall back to our old habits (smoking, alcohol, sweets) your body wants comfort.

Dieting and being in a deprivation all the time also kills your willpower. So no wonder you are looking for food around 2 or 3 p.m. and don’t care what you grab.

Also an eye opener for ME, all you fixers and people pleasers did you know you may struggle with will power? You are putting your body in a stressed state because you want people to like you, you try to fix their problems, and you tend to compare yourself to others. Can you say stress overload, because not going to please everyone.

Think about why your willpower runs out. You’ve been doing great all day long.
Boom – you have been making decisions all day long, from work, to kids, to your food and the list goes on.
So this is why your willpower is done for by the afternoon. You are tired of making all these decisions and the stress is building. How easy would it be to drive through the fast food joint instead of cooking.

To help with making willpower stick, you need to focus on building your skill power and building your willpower muscle.

Try learning how to build your healthy habits or skill power and not rely on your willpower.

Start with your thinking and being mindful of each choice you make and what you do.

Eat slow and savor it. Don’t rush through lunch or work through lunch eating at your desk.

Practice some self grace. Be kind to yourself and know you are making decisions that will help you move forward in your journey. If you step off the path – it’s ok, get back and don’t slide into the ditch and stay there with the mosquito larva.

Take a step back and look at the small goals that will be helping you reach your big goal. Focusing only on your big goal will overwhelm you. The small goals are the habits (bricks)that are building your path.

The more healthy habits you create and the longer you do each one the easier it will get. The key is to stay consistent and remember one slip will not undo all your hard work.

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss has taken me out of the “diet” deprivation mindset and it has changed my thinking and mindset.
It is a long journey. I am still working alongside of you, even as your coach.

The FASTer Way has given me the skills I need to make sure I am living my best life. It has helped me not need high blood pressure medications. Lose 33 1/2 inches. Given me my energy and empowered me with the tools and support system I need to finish this journey and age gracefully and healthy.

I’m ready for you!! I started where you are.

You are in it for life.
It’s your life how do you want to live it?? You get to write the ending, it’s your story.

Register today with me, I am ready to show you the FASTer Way lifestyle that could change your life too.

You get access to the FASTer Way App as soon as your register, even if my class is closed.

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