Meals for Moffett -Week Jan 27

This is the week I will attempt to go vegan for 28 days. The vegan challenge begins in February with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss, so I really don’t start till the weekend. When we are given challenges, new goals, or learning a new skill we tend to be more focused on what we are doing. This can lead to you creating healthy habits that will stick.

You will not learn everything, but each habit that sticks with you, you can build on. So here’s to learning I like tofu. Who knew? Will I become a vegan, probably not. I will learn how to have a vegan meal and hit my proteins or chose a day and do all vegan meals without being afraid of change.

Also, hubby now works two days in a row at the fire-station, so I get to try new recipes.

MondayChimichurri chicken and sweet potatoes. Did not know what chimichurri is until I searched on Pinterest. It is a type of marinate sauce. Going to try this recipe. New one for us.

TuesdayVenison, cauliflower rice and broccoli. If you don’t have venison, you can use beef cutlets.

WednesdayFish Tacos. We will saute our redfish to make our fish tacos. We are still looking for the perfect fish taco sauce. Going to try this garlic fish taco sauce from Bloglovin”

ThursdayOne pan chicken and veggies. Easy and so many different varieties.

FridayBlack bean meatballs and marinara sauce with gluten free pasta and salad.

Saturday-General TSO tofu and veggies. Give tofu a try. It is actually delicious.

SundayTuna Patties and egg noodles with peas

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