Meals for Moffett Week March 9

Meals for Moffetts – this week, if it all goes as planned our meals will be simple and quick dinners. I have one exception on FEAST day. Feast day I have moved last weeks Venison meal to my feast day. Kenny is at work on this meal and I do not go out of my way to cook venison or fish when he is not here.

Feast day takes planning, one because it is alot of calories to consume and two you have to decide when you will break fast. I break fast a little sooner and I look for high calorie – low dense food – ie: dates and macadamia nuts.

The reason I am doing feast days this month is because of my FASTer Way To Fat Loss program is mixing things up a bit for the month of March. We carb cycle. Our program added in a feast day, so I have to eat about 2500 calories. It is balances throughout the week when we go to our low macro days.

I’m on the right.

By cycling carbohydrates high and low throughout the week, we effectively utilize stored body fat and glycogen (stored carbohydrates) for fuel at different times.  This means we tap into our fat stores hence the fat loss.

Not only do we carb cycle, but we pair our fitness program with our food(carb cycle) in the FASter Way. This gives our body more ways to burn our fat stores.

This has been the magic in my meals for the last 18 months. Finding the FASTer Way has allowed me to improve my health and still eat my favorite meals or treats. I am living live intentionally and our program is sustainable for life.

Monday- Hamburgers and guacamole. I will be having a deconstructed burger. Basically a hamburger without the buns. I linked a guacamole recipe I use for parties. Kenny’s not home, so I need to write his recipe down and post to my page. He does not like cilantro so he created his own.

Tuesday- Tacos for family and I will be eating taco salad with cauliflower rice and hemp seeds. Dad used to make the taco salad with plain Doritos and Catalina dressing. So delicious. This would have to be on a leg day. LOL

WednesdayChicken fried Venison, mashed potatoes and green beans.

ThursdayCrazy Good Low Carb Meatball Casserole and salad. We love this recipe.

FridayChili lime shrimp tacos.

SaturdayOne pan chicken thigh, green beans and sweet potatoes. You can’t go wrong cooking everything in one pan. Saves you time with cooking and clean up. You can use green beans or broccoli.

SundayShrimp and Asparagus one pan meal with baked potatoes.

Remember I am not a registered dietitian. I am RN ACE CHC who loves to cook. These recipes are for you to get ideas from and to help you with planning easy and healthy meals for you and your family.

Are you ready to start learning how to carb cycle and get away from under eating with dieting. Join me in my next FASTer Way To Fat Loss round.

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