Meals for Moffett Week of May 18

I have been following A Dash of Macros, Jenn on Instagram for awhile now. Kenny and I attended her zoom live cooking class for our Friday night date. We made desserts in a hour and they were delicious.

Some very exciting news I learned about Jenn, she has a meal planning program on line at . You drop her recipes into the blank menu and boom it calculates your macros and you can create your grocery list. The grocery list is amazing. You click a button and the list pops up. You click off the items you do not need.

Plus, she has your macros calculated and the recipe is adjustable!!

Talking with her this website and meal planner is in the early stages of development. She may be updating her web page meal planner, so you can drop in your own recipes and have it calculate. This will be amazing.

One great thing about the FASTer Way To Fat Loss is we have the meal plan, the macro counts and the grocery list ready for you with a click of the button. You have to manually figure out the ingredients if you have to increase the number of serving sizes you need.

I can not share with you the actual FWTFL recipes, so I use my own, or I find one similar to the one I need for the day. Having the FASTer Way recipes on my app gives me quick access and ideas for the week. Less planning on me and it prevents Kenny from cooking the fried burritos covered in chili. He will get a chicken burrito this week. New recipes!!!

Monday– Venison Burger with mashed potatoes and salad. I will be having a Burger deconstructed bowl. (salad with a burger)

Tuesday– Grilled steak strips and salad with avocado

Wednesday- Beef and broccoli stir fry

ThursdayBuffalo Chicken and sweet potato crockpot meal

Friday– left overs or eating out

SaturdayZucchini ground beef orzo casserole

Sunday Chicken burrito skillet

Happy cooking

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