I think I have figured out how to link my recipes from other sites and my site to one spot, so my linktree link is not overloaded. For the last two weeks I have been linking the recipes there. Too busy and confusing for those visiting my site.

So welcome to my Meals for Moffett page. This is where I will post links to other web sites from my Pinterest board and my web page. I am a Registered Nurse, ACE Certified Health Coach and a certified FASTer Way To Fat Loss coach. I do not have the ability to prescribe a meal plan. These meals are meals that I create for my family to follow my carb cycle schedule. I post them to give you ideas and education on low carb versuses regular macro days and how to manipulate macros.

Here is week 21 – yes I am adapting and learning this technology sutff slowly.

Crock pot cubed steak

Taco Tuesday – not posting this- package of ground meat and taco seasoning of choice- follow the package directions. Easy meal that is manipulative!!!! for those low carb days. Go for the salad or the tortilla shells.

Greens Beans and Things great for a weeknight meal. Quick and easy. Plus it is another recipe you can manipulate the carb. We carb cycle with the FASTer Way lifestyle plan, helps with burning fat!!

Chicken, potatoes and Parmensan cream sauce. This one is new to us and I am changing up the dairy for almond milk and the flour to help stick to my FASTer Way lifestyle. We practice dairy and gluten free. I will let you know how it comes out.

PF Chang lettuce wraps so delicious Shrimp Spring Rolls takes practice, but good no matter how it rolls.

Crockpot Pot roast and vegetables. Great Sunday meal and leftover meat for salads on Monday for our Low carb day.