Move It or Lose It

This statement in my wellness Wednesday may be true for alot of you, but for me the mother-n-law cleaning statement is so not true. She would be over here helping me clean and probably cook with a smile on her face sharing a glass of wine.

This month’s challenge in my FASTer Way To Fat Loss membership group is a move more challenge.  The FWTFL is one of the only online health and wellness programs that offer both nutrition and fitness together. We meet you where you are and take you through an 8-week wellness journey that will teach you how to live life with intention and sustain the FWTFL lifestyle throughout your life.  We are also backed by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

I became a certified FASTer Way coach because this program gave me my health back.  It has showed me how to exercise with intention, helped me lower my blood pressure to the point of not needing medications and it has improved my mindset with accepting progress over perfection.

This blog post is an informative post on moving it more and shake the sedentary lifestyle to the curb.  We all know that we need to get the 30 minutes a day of exercise in to live a healthy life.  But this 30 minutes might not be enough to prevent heart disease, diabetes or cancers. 

Living a sedentary life and sitting does not cancel out the benefits of regular exercise you put in for today, so keep this healthy habit up.   Once you have done your 30, then go to an office job and TV time of couch sitting for ten hours does increase your cardiovascular risk.  It also will stall or put on extra weight.  Especially if you are snacking while watching TV.  This I know from personal experience.  Going from an active 10K-12K steps a day school nurse to a telephonic health coach my steps decreased to barely 5K.  These two years I also packed on an extra 20plus pounds. 

Learning about NEAT – non exercise active thermogenesis was an eye opener.  The funny thing is I was teaching this as an ACE coach, but not practicing this.  NEAT is the energy expended for everything that is not sleeping, eating and formal exercise.  

When you become more active with making sure you get your 10K steps in a day your body increases enzymes that help convert body fat into energy and makes muscles more sensitive to glucose.  The opposite is true with a sedentary life.  The enzymes are not activated, and you do not burn fat as energy.

Understanding ways to measure NEAT and increase the fat burn you need to aim for the 10K steps a day.  Use your phone’s step counter or your watch.  The movement you do does not need to be killing yourself in another cardio class or formal exercise.  It can be simply parking farther away from the store when you go shopping.   Taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  If you can’t make all the stairs go until you need to stop and jump on the elevator.  Hello – this is a great goal of starting simply with 1 flight of stairs for a week then adding another flight as you become stronger.

You can also use your feet or bike to run errands if you live in the city.  This next one I am implementing daily.  Set an alarm for every hour get up and stretch, move, jumping jacks, walk, basically get off your bum and move around.  I have also added a stand-up desk to my office.   When you are on your phone stand up.  I used to walk and work when I was an administrator. Manage your staff by moving and going to them, don’t just pick up the phone. Taking time out of your day to play with kids, grandkids, or pets is another great way to improve NEAT.

Once you start becoming more active and moving NEAT can help you decrease your stress level.  Increasing your time outside in the sun light helps with improving your cortisol, known as your stress hormone.  Spending time with people you love helps you feel happier and decreases your stress.  Taking the breaks while at work, even if it is for a couple of minutes allows for your brain to refocus.  Moving your body keeps your blood pumping and helps with circulation. 

I know when we travel three hours to my mom’s house when I get out of the car, if we didn’t stop my legs are heavy and I feel exhausted and I haven’t done anything but sit. 

So, take the time for your health and get up and move.  Your body will thank you.

If you want to learn more about the FASTer Way lifestyle and how you can start learning how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat, plus learning to workout with intention, instead of killing it with cardio click on the link below.  I would love to support you as you start your journey on moving more and improving your health.

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