My FASTer Way Journey and the Program

I started this FWTFL journey in early September after realizing what I was doing was not working.  I was under eating and working out more than I was fueling my body. I was tired in the afternoons and working against time for a doctor’s request to start blood pressure medications.  Today I am happy to say I am down 3.3.5 inches along with noted weight loss. The best feeling is knowing my body composition is changing and this is a program I can do for life. Plus no blood pressure medications needed at this time! 

By trade I am a registered nurse, but a year ago I began working as an ACE© certified health coach.  The FWTFL program paired with this role by allowing me to expand my knowledge with nutrition and fitness.  The results and progress I experienced were too good not to share with everyone I know. This lead me to becoming a FWTFL coach.

A year later and I am still thriving in the FASTer Way lifestyle. I can say the biggest change has been mindset. I no longer hold myself to a perfectionist mindset with “dieting”, the all or nothing thinking. If I eat the cookie, then I eat the cookie, but this is normally on leg day or a special event.

I’m on the right

This is a super quick snapshot of what to expect and there is so much MORE!

The FWTFL is a seven day cycle based on whole food nutrition paired with a physical training program designed to repair metabolic damage, increase lean muscle mass and FINALLY give you control and confidence.

INTERMITTENT FASTING A primal eating schedule that allows fat to become the primary source of fuel. 

MACRO CYCLING Low carbohydrate days coupled with high carbohydrate ensure that we eat enough of the proper nutrition to build lean fat burning muscle.  

STRATEGIC WORKOUTS We offer DAILY specific workouts based on strength and HIIT for the gym at home and for beginners. 

What to expect with the program: 

We offer menu plans, including vegan, grocery list, daily live workouts paried with our carb cycle and a FWTFL APP to equip you for a lifestyle that will be SUSTAINABLE for the long term without confusion or fads.  

We provide coaching support through small groups in the FWTFL “boot camps”. These run for six weeks with a prep week included to help set you up for success! This is where you find the SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY.

You WILL NOT be lost in the cyber world!  I WILL BE YOUR COACH and will work with you daily to guide and direct you PERSONALLY through your own FWTFL journey. 

We teach and train you to execute EXACTLY the proper protocol for our work outs. These workouts are paired with the proper nutrition on specific days of the seven day cycle. 

We offer training for all levels from the beginner to the stay at home mom and even the gym rat. Plus we have an app for easy access to workouts, menus and more.

To learn more about the FASTer Way To Fat Loss and get your FREE starter kit and 5 day meal plan visit me at link below.

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