My Why is Bigger Than My Butt

This last week we have been moving more with our membership challenge in the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle program.  I am a certified FWTFL coach, ACE certified health coach and a registered nurse who has struggled for years with excuses when it came to weight loss. Our education this week has been focused on simple ways to move and what stuck was love yourself because you fidget.  LOL it burns calories.  It hit home when they talked of love yourself. 

 I tried every diet you can think of.  I had great motivation to start each diet plan, but soon ran out of the motivation and went right back to my ways of eating whatever, undereating, and really telling myself it doesn’t matter. I am who I am, my husband loves me.

The problem my friends I was not happy with myself.  I always wanted to have a smaller butt and thinner thighs.  I was holding onto the comments made in my past of she looks like a sumo wrestler when I wore my short hair in a high ponytail one day in high school.  Even family members telling me, “Seconds? your going to turn into an oink oink”.  These kinds of words are grounded into my feelings and thinking. 

This type of negative talk led me to negative talk in my head.  This is what was holding me down from achieving my goals.  I was allowing these comments to turn into excuses and quitting every program I started.  Everyone of these “diets” always had an end date set for me.  A wedding, a graduation, a vacation or some type of time frame. Your first step in realizing you do not have a time frame to achieve weight loss will bring a clearer picture to your end goal and open your mind.

Letting go of who and what people say, said or think of you is the second step.  You must figure out why do you want to lose weight.  It always started with me to be skinny.   Once I figured out, I don’t have to lose weight to like myself or fit in; I must lose weight to get my life back.

I found my WHY.  My why was bigger than my butt (me).  It was my health.  It was living longer.  It was not wanting to be a diabetic or take high blood pressure medications. I was not accepting the menopause weight, and “this is how it’s going to be”. I had to make changes if I wanted to live a longer healthier life. I had to stop quitting on myself.  I had to start thinking what it looks like to finish a weight loss program.  And when I mean finish a weight loss program, I mean finish one that is sustainable for life.  So, I can live out a purposeful life and follow the plans God has for me.

Understanding this journey is a lifelong goal and not short term allowed for me to set small goals and show up each day to do my best.  Learning how to accept progress and not perfection helped me change the way I see myself and talk to myself.  With each small goal met, inch lost, dumbbell weight increased, meals planned and logged, joining in a Facebook group comment thread, and posting my first story I found the self confidence and begin to believe in myself more.  I was no longer quitting on myself.

Understanding the improved health and weight loss does not happen over night allowed me to accept the struggle and enjoy the journey.  You can not have success if you do not put in the work.  The journey is the best part.  It allows for you to grow mentally and physically.  The journey is allowing me to have the opportunity to share and coach women and men who want to improve their health and get their life back.  It has placed me into a community of women who are positive, motivating, show integrity, bold action, generosity, and excellence in everything they do. If you do not learn to love the journey you are on and find your why, when you do reach your goal you will still not be happy.  In fact, you will be miserable along the way and you will eventually quit. 

So, my dear friends find your why.  Write out all the excuses that are holding you down and cross them out of your life.  Show up every day for yourself and conquer your small goals.  This is when you find your motivation and gain your life back.  

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