One Day At A Time

I have been looking for that quick fix for years. The magic pill to get me to a certain size I had in-visioned in my mind. I would try ever diet shake, workout, pill, and program that I thought would get me to a certain number I had on the scale.

I joined a boot camp about 3 years back and thought I knew more than the instructor when she said, “Cheryl, increase those calories. You are not eating enough food. “

I am nurse and I know to lose weight you decrease what you eat and increase the exercise. That’s what we are taught. So, I politely shook my head and said, “Ok.” But did I do it? No. Not until about a year and a half later.

This same instructor introduced us to the FASTer Way To Fat Loss. I thought why not. I try everything else. Guess what we had to do? Your right, increase the calories.

I paid for it, I may as well do it. Well, it worked!! Who would have thought. Two 6 week rounds and I was down 33 1/2 inches. I was ecstatic, because it did not feel like any diet I had ever tried. I was eating more food than I ever had before and was losing inches. Finding energy and better sleep.

The reason I tell you this, is because my friends it did take 12 weeks, but it has taken over a year to get me to the point I am at now in my journey- mentally and physically.

Yes, this is a journey for life. This is not a quick fix. The FASTer Way has shown me how to change a lifetime of bad habits, an all or nothing mindset and an image I had created in my mind to finally see, it is one day at time.

Striving for progress not perfection. One cookie will not erase a week of hard work.

This last Saturday when I finished a workout and I realized I had conquered a goal I couldn’t help but smile. .
When I started the FASTer Way To Fat Loss I was only able to stand up from a seated position holding onto the arm of the chair and pushing, plus swinging for momentum.

This improved as the weeks turned into months, getting stronger and able to perform squats into a chair holding a weight.

NOW months have turned to over a year and I am able to do pistol squats. BOTH sets without the kickstand (holding your other foot lightly on the ground for balance). My leg may not be sticking out straight BUT it is OFF the GROUND!!!

Setting new goals for those one legged inch worms.

What goal are you setting for yourself to see the change in your health?.
Not sure where to start? Start by joining us in the FASTer Way To Fat Loss. We start where you are! We are a virtual online fitness and nutrition program that gives you results, accountability and options to make us FIT into your busy life. You make the program yours – sustainable for life.

It takes you showing up every day, one day at a time.

It takes you showing up every day, with the right mindset.

It takes you showing up every day, doing the best you can.

It takes you showing up every day, knowing you are worth the work.

It take you showing up every day, one day a time.

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