Overcoming After Cancer- Client Testimony

My heart overflows with joy, pride, and excitment for my client Donna Lang. She started the FASTer Way To Fat Loss in mid October 2019, to work on her overall health, wanting to feel strong and full of enerergy. She is now is thriving in our VIP membership.
She worked hard during the program working it into her daily life. Donna worked on progress not perfection with the skills of the FASTer Way and mindset.
She has been FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL for the last 3 years and has kicked Cancer’s butt.
See her testimony below and how the FASTer Way helped her find her energy and that overall healthy feeling again. To learn more about the FASTer Way To Fat Loss and see more client testimonies visit me  @fasterway2healthinsideandout 


Meet Donna-
I feel like I have a huge win. I shared with you that I was diagnosed with breast cancer a bit more than three years ago. During the first year and a half, all of my energy was focused on recovering from surgery and mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. I was very blessed that I was strong before my diagnosis and I was able to make it through my full treatment. Several others had warned me that finishing treatment was not what you expected. You weren’t really through. I was no longer fighting the day to day side effects but I couldn’t get back. I was truly struggling to feel like myself. Even a year post treatment, I felt like I had no energy. I am still learning the FWTFL lifestyle. I have had to make some significant changes in my mindset (and some of my bad habits) BUT I am going into 2020 with more strength and energy than I have felt since my pre-cancer days! Yeah! I can honestly say, I FEEL good!

Best win!

Much Love. Donna

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