Peace of Mind

The gift of peace of mind and heart comes freely to you with your believe in Jesus Christ.  To fully access this gift, you must let go.  When you find yourself running crazy with too many things to do, getting caught up with worry of the evils and devastations of the world around you and the million and one thoughts racing through your head of the what ifs; you must find your place of release.

As a mom, wife, nurse, health coach, sister, daughter and friend I have always been one to listen and try to fix problems.  The physical hurts mend easier, but the mental hurt is out of my control.  I can continue to listen, support and guide, but to fully help someone that is wracked with worry, guilt, sadness, stress it is up to that person to find mental clarity and peace within themselves.

Sometimes it is seeking professional help.  But at many times it is your faith and belief of God’s love for you.  Finding a place where you can go and dump your chaos and thoughts at the feet of Jesus Christ.  Believing He will not give you anything you can’t handle, because my friends He will handle what you cannot.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. 

At times it is learning to be still, listen, and look for the love you have within you. The self-love, self-grace, and understanding and belief of Jesus’s love for you. It is allowing yourself time to see and understand your gifts you have within yourself of who you truly are in Christ.

My strength for my peace of mind and heart is my faith, my belief and my prayer time.  He is my compass for this crazy beautiful world.

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