Pillow cases and the Red Dirt Road

The people in your lives are there for periods of time when you need them.  My years in high school in Home EC, was one of the most memorable  and fun times.  My amazing teacher, Ms. Young to this day still influences me on choices I make and when I do something I think of her teachings often.  She taught us how to cut material straight by pulling a thread.  I really didn’t like this task, because it took patience to pull that thread without it breaking.  Just let me eyeball and cut it was often my thought.  We even had to iron material before sewing.  I don’t sew as often as I did when I first became a nurse.  Scrub tops, are so easy to make and much cheaper.  

The recipes she shared and the cooking tips and tasks we learned are engraved into my brain, while I cook and care for my family and friends.  The famous sour cream pound cake I still make and share often with others. We made umpteen gillions of these for Christmas and fund raisers.  The original Jello Christmas cake I thought was the most beautiful thing ever.  

Why pillow cases?  We learned how to make a bed properly.  She showed us how to put  a pillow case on a pillow,  by using a process that is the easiest and most effective way in the world.  In the past I have never been one to make a bed.  This last year I have been working on improving ME.  One of the many books or podcasts I have listened to it implied successful, organized people make their bed.  UGH – I can do that.  If you can do it in 5 minutes then do it, why put it off was also mentioned.   5 minutes I can make my bed.   I am seeing my room look more put together or cleaner. 

                        The Pillow Case procedure: 

  1. Grab the pillow case by the bottom seam and turn it wrong side out.  Keeping hold of the seam. 
  2. Pick up your pillow with the hand that is holding the pillow case.
  3. While holding onto the pillow with the other hand pull the pillow case over the pillow
  4. Wala done without all the tugging and fusing. 

A lesson I learned on how to avoid getting sick, keep your fingers out of your nose, eyes and mouth.  When you go to the grocery store or Wally World (Walmart- but could be a theme park germs) this is a prime location for catching a cold or some type of illness.  I noticed they now have the big plastic bags for the meats.  I don’t go here often, so they may have been there all along.  It hit me, oh Pillow Case method would work great here.  

Grab the bag by the bottom seam and turn it wrong side out.  
Pick up your chicken with the hand that is holding the bag
Hold onto the bag and with the other hand pull the bag  over the chicken

Wala done without touching the chicken and hands are clean.  

There are so many more tips and memories of my Home EC class, I could keep on writing.  This is one class that many of our children never get to or got to experience.  Take the time to share with your children the art of cooking, cleaning, caring for others with kindness is not a chore and ugh making a bed.  Mine are twenty something I better start showing them how to make a bed.  

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