Rest and Recovery

Yesterday was a long two and half hour work out day for me.  We held a demo day at my local gym with all the instructors and they gave a 10-15-minute demo of the class they teach.  I participated with about twenty people, some of these ladies have not worked out consistently before. 

When I was done and home resting on the coach waiting to get ready for a birthday party my leg muscles were quivering.  Not hurting, just felt like they were still moving.  I began to think about the ladies who haven’t worked out.  I work 5-6 days a week with a variety of cardio and strength training. If I was feeling the effects of today’s workouts, I wondered how they were feeling?

I jumped onto social media and low and behold two of the ladies were talking about how they were hurting.  I started offering suggestions of not laying around, stay moving, salt baths, hydration and stretching the next day. 

In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program we make sure we have two rest and recovery days.  These two days are just as important to you as your training.

When you strength train your muscles are torn.  If you do not allow for your body to repair the tears while resting this can lead to injuries.  Resting also promotes an increase of blood flow to rid the body of metabolic waste that builds up after a vigorous workout.

Allowing for two days of rest also helps your body restore glycogen stores, improve your immunity, hormones and sleep. Allowing your body to rest and recovery helps you prevent overuse of the muscles, joints and mental stress that comes with killing it daily on vigorous workout routines.

What does rest and recovery look like? For me it is a simple walk on the beach. It is weeding my flower beds, washing my car, riding my bike, bathing my dogs, stretching and doing yoga before church. It is finding activities you enjoy that takes no more than 60% maximum effort. This is called active recovery.

You schedule in your workouts, take time to schedule in your self-care with rest and recovery.

To join my next online round of the FASTer Way!  Take control of your health, nutrition, your workouts and your recovery.

XO Cheryl

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