Rolled Cabbage

Original recipe was from Debbie – sister-n-law

Cooking has always been my passion. I am not sure if it was the love to cook or the passion to care for people and provide. Growing up living with Granny, we always had country home cooked meals. She didn’t cook little, she cooked to feed everyone plus left overs.

For my wedding present Granny and my Aunt gave us handwritten recipe cards. Then some 10 years ago my mom typed all of the recipes up and put them in a binder. This binder has grown over the years, from clipping new recipes from magazines to now printable recipes from Pinterest. ,

Recipes evolve just like your taste buds do. As you grow you come to love certain food you couldn’t stand as a kid. Cabbage is one of those foods. It stunk every time Granny cooked it. Now we love cabbage in our house. Cabbage and sausage, to cabbage and eggs with avocados. Carb Cycling with the FASTer Way lifestyle has taught me how to incorporate greens into every meal. Example Eggs and cabbage. Saute olive oil with garlic add cabbage, onion and eggs. Serve with avocado. Delicious.

This recipe is for my days when I need carbohydrates. In my Fitness Pal I calculated carbs- 33%, protein 29% and fat 10%. Total calories: 325

The rolled cabbage recipe from my sister n law originally had 2 large cans (12 or 14 ounce) tomato sauce with 4 cans of water. Well the love for cooking quick, easier and flavor prompted me to substitute the tomato sauce and water for V8 juice. (Add a little of the hot and spicy V8 to give it a kick and more flavor). I also added in marjoram and the petite crushed tomatoes. She adds in the eggs. I have cooked the meatballs both, with the eggs and without. Either way is good. The added tomatoes to the meat add flavor as well as moisture to the meat.

The meatballs can be pre-made and refrigerated or frozen for later. If you cook it in a crock-pot, cook on low for 4-6 hours.

Hope you enjoy as much as my family does. This recipe can easily be made into two large pots or make sure your pot is deep like a tall spaghetti pot.

Video for rolling off cabbage and cubing. This is an extra cabbage that I had. You will usually get about 4-6 leaves easily off of a head of cabbage.

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