Salads, Not Just Lettuce

I cracked up laughing when I had one person tell me he was tired of eating grass. His reference was a salad which was iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. That is boring and not many calories. So that opened up our conversation on how to make your salad filling.

You need to add in all your macros you need for that meal, even if it is a salad. You have your carbohydrates, which are your fruits, pastas, grains, and dressing. Your protein which is your egg, chicken, tuna, basically your meat. The fat is your dressing, meats, nuts, seeds.

When you start adding in your macros and following your serving sizes for your meal you will have a hearty and filling salad; 500 plus calories. This is one reason you need to know your serving sizes and macros. Because you can go to a salad bar and create a salad that is not healthy and blow your calories and macros out of the water.

Rule of thumb – no pun intended LOL!! For your serving sizes

  • Your closed fist your carb serving
  • Your palm or length of hand your protein serving
  • Your thumb is your fat

When I worked outside of our home I did make the mason jar salads for 5 days. They were not a slimy mess. It’s all about the layering. You want to make sure food that wilts is on the top, away from the dressing or wet items.

In the FASTer Way To Fat Loss membership, in August, we will be doing salads for some of our meals. For me this is right up there with our FASTer Way meals that are bowls. I ❤️ I love mixing up the different textures, colors and macros to find that perfectly delightful summer salad.

One of my favorite salads is the Italian Sub Salad. Think of an Italian Sub Sandwich without the bread. It has many different seasoning and textures in it.

Here is a great blog post on learning how to start making your own mason jar salads. Plus she has 30 mason jar salads. 30 Mason Jar Salads

The Make & Take Mason Jar Set is the perfect way to take your lunch (and a snack!) anywhere you go. This set includes the Make & Take Mason Jar, Snack Jar, and Carrier, plus a free spoon and fork.

As always happy cooking and healthy living. Cheryl

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