Sassy Girl Chicken Salad Spaghetti Squash

This meal is created from a delicious seasoning packet I bought this year at the Houston Nutcracker Market.  It is from P.D.Q. Meals.  Pretty Darn Quick is what I’m going with. I do not get commission from PDQ, just giving you link to find the product.

With the FASTer Way To Fat Loss I carb cycle, so on low carb days I omit the carbohydrates and go for the low carb – spaghetti squash.  We also work on eliminating processed food – croissants.  This salad would be divine on a croissant.  I will have to plan this chicken salad on leg day – Saturdays to enjoy the croissant.  We do not deprive ourselves from the food we love, we manage it and place it on days we work those large muscles groups.

Serves 4- Nutrients from My Fitness Pal – with squash not croissant- calories 498, carbohydrate 17g, protein 19g, Fat 39g


Rotisserie chicken deboned and chopped (or you can bake your own chicken breasts or thighs)

2/3 cup of mayo

2/3 cup of Greek dairy free yogurt (or 2/3 c of sour cream)

1-packet of PDQ-Sassy Girl Chicken Salad seasoning

1- Spaghetti squash (or croissants)


Mix all ingredients except and spaghetti squash.  Chill chicken mixture while squash is cooking.

Wash and cut lengthwise spaghetti squash.

Remove seeds and brush with olive oil.

Place in a oven safe baking pan and fill with water, enough to cover bottom of pan

Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes

Remove from oven and carefully flip over squash onto a cutting board

Shred squash with two forks and dump shredded squash into a large mixing bowl (save the squash bowl)

Dump chicken salad into bowl with squash

Mix well

Spoon back into squash halves

Dump water off baking sheets and place the squash back on baking sheets – chicken side up

Bake for 10-15 minutes or you can omit this step of baking and eat warm/cold

Will keep in air tight container for 3 days refrigerated.

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