Setting An Appointment For You

Do you find yourself running out of time at the end of each day? Do you feel like you don’t know if you’re coming or going? Somedays are worse than others. Life seems to be rolling along smoothly, you have time for yourself, your family, the fun stuff in life then issues happen in life that messes up your schedule. Then you begin to scramble and can’t seem to get anything done. Pastor Trey was preaching on hearing God’s voice and how do you know you hear from him in his last sermon.

Appointment for what?

The statement he borrowed, or he candidly used the words stole this statement, from someone else, “If you don’t set up an appointment, you set yourself up for disappointment.” So, I reflected on this and realized this statement is true with LIFE in general. His main points were on hearing from God you have to do these three things:

  • Activate your words
  • Create an atmosphere and appointment
  • Read and pray

I googled this statement to see if I could find out where it had originated from. No luck. So during my morning routine of having my daily devotional with God, writing out my workout routines and starting my day in thanksgiving, praise and prayer this statement evolved to a fill in the blank statement.

If you don’t set up an appointment for ________________, you set up for disappointment.”

As a RN turned ACE certified health coach and FASTer Way To Fat Loss coach I hear from many of my clients, “I don’t have time.” The main complaint is always about not having time for meal planning and workouts. I’m too busy.

When you activate your words, whether it is learning and growing with your daily walk with God or your goal in life to improve your health, you have to speak positive and think positive. The bible is one place I go to learn of strength, courage, direction, and self grace. The bible is filled with stories, words, and the directions of how to live a full life of love, kindness, caring, forgiveness and sharing of the word to lead people to Jesus. As in any lifestyle program when you want to start improving your health, you have to be in the right mindset. You have to surround yourself with people who are uplifting, supportive and can give you good directions and teach you the skills you need to sustain this lifestyle. This starts by you believing you are worth the effort. You can make these changes.

We did not start life knowing all the answers. We had to learn and grow. We learned from our mistakes and the support and guidance of our parents, teachers, pastors and friends. I started the FASTer Way journey knowing what a macro was, but did not know how to manage the actual food. I learned how to put macors together to build my meals, that would give me the energy and fuel my body needed to function at optimal health.

Creating the atmosphere and appointment for yourself will take time and practice. Knowing each day you wake up ready to make the choices in your life for a healthier mind and body will take effort. Create the thrity minutes in the morning or the night before to plan out your meals, set out an appointment for your workout in your daily life. If this means actually putting it on your calendar- keep that appointment. Because, if you do not keep the appointment, how do expect things to change. They will not.

Creating the atmosphere also includes the company you keep . Do you have people in your life who always see the glass half empty and complain all the time? This my dear friend will exhaust you. The atmosphere of positive people who have the same goals, beliefs and purpose will allow you to grow and improve your life mentally and physically. Negative mindsets and people will suck the life out of you. You will find yourself arguing in your head and finding excuses and reasoning to not do what you know you need to do. This again comes back to you, keeping that appointment with yourself.

The third, read and pray. I have not automatically learned how to create a web site. In fact I am learning something every day on this fascinating space. Above you see I created a teal color around my topic!! Learned this today, by trial and error and not being afraid to click a button. If you are wanting to improve your health, wellness, fitness,  spiritual growth, finances, meal planning, relationships etc the list can go on and on, you must educate yourself. The answers are not going to fall in your lap and say here is what you need to do. Will not happen.

Just know that there is a time for everything in life. Ecclesiates 3:1-8. Everything there is a season and time to everypurpose under heaven…..

Are you at a point in your life where you are wanting to improve your health and wellness? You don’t really know where to start? You are overloaded with all the information you see on the web and Facebook of the next quick fix? You want it now and like yesterday? Well my dear friend it does not happen over night and it does take you getting up every day to work at change and make the time you need to set your appointment for yourself.

You have to make time for change, whether it is personal or professionally related. You have to schedule your time for devotionals, meditation, education, meal planning, workouts, even dates with your husband or boy or girl firend or family. The time you chose to improve your health and wellness is woth your investment.

My results and why I now coach the FASTer Way

If you are wanting to learn how to fuel your body with healthy macros, work out intentionally, have account and support from a community of positive women and men, and get the rest you need to recover, without a quick fix pill, shake or wrap I would love for you to join me in my next FASTer Way To Fat Loss round. We are on a virtual wellness program that will educate and empower you to make the changes you need to fulfill your health and wellness goals, so you can live out the purposeful, healthy life you are meant to live. Make that appointment today by following the link to learn more about the FWTFL lifestyle, get your free starter kit and register for my next round.

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If you are wanting to find more peace, direction and learn more about the Chrisitan belief, Church of the Living God is a great place to lisiten in and join. Here is my churche’s website and facebook link. Listen live on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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Psalms 100: Making a joyfull noise unto the Lord. Serve the Lord with gladness, come to him singing……Enter with thanksgiving and be thankful and bless his name.

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