Someday I Will Lose Weight

The holidays are approaching quickly this year.  I reflected over the last year and realize when it is time to make a New Year’s resolution mine will not be about getting into shape or losing weight. How exciting is this!!!!

I no longer must go through the emotions of starting a “diet” or a resolution and only to stop or fail in 3 weeks.  Having to deal with the emotions of feeling like I have failed, am not strong enough or lack will power or self-control.   

I took my last step off the diet wagon and have both feet planted firmly in the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle.

It’s all about taking that first step. 

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

 A year ago, I would not have stepped over the edge of this wall to take that picture by the tree with Kenny. Fear of falling with no coordination, being my belly was bigger than my boobs.

Someday I will…….

I will start…………. someday.

Why wait for someday.  Someday may never come. 

Let this be your last Monday of telling yourself I will start on Monday. 

Learning the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle I am no longer starting over. 

I am no longer telling myself SOMEDAY, or next Monday. 

Learning the FWTFL I have gained the mental freedom from starting over with my “diet” or starting again SOMEDAY.  I can honestly say I am no longer “dieting”.  I am living each day with intention and not using the excuse of SOMEDAY.  The FWTFL program is a lifestyle, not a diet.  Focusing on your nutrition, rest and fitness.

It has brought the mental clarity I needed, plus the freedom from the scale and 33 ½ inches lost. 

Looking to the end of 2019, I am excited and so happy that I did not let fear of failure and fear of trying one more “diet” only to give up stop me from starting my journey with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss.  I can not wait to see what 2020 will bring on my health and fitness journey.

Understanding the FWTFL is not a diet and that it is a program that I can take with me for the rest of my life’s journey

Are you ready to start your own journey?  Working with me to build healthy habits you can practice now during this upcoming holiday season?  You will be kicking your New Year’s resolution to the curb. 

I’m on the right. No more cover ups.

Join me in my last FASTer Way online round of 2019 and let this be your last SOMEDAY of wanting to take control of your health and fitness. Just think you only have 13 Mondays left of this year.  Take today and let this be your last Monday of starting over.

My last online FASTer Way round is starting soon.  Grab your spot now so we can start this journey together Oct 14! 

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