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So, those who know me know my love for spin class. Well, we were introduced to SPIN ZONE maybe a year and half ago-I lost count. This is now another favorite class. Spin Zone is spinning on your bike, then jumping off the bike (carefully come off the bike) to lift weights. Many people are afraid of spin classes. The fear of pain after the ride is usually the number one excuse. Number two is the feeling of not being able to keep up. It is true your pelvic bone, butt, and legs are sore later in the day and the next day ugh. But there is a silver lining in this. By time you get to class 3 these problem areas for pain are not as intense and you become addicted. Keeping up? You start where you are. We all started on our bike just pedaling and sitting. Increase the tension if you can’t stand up. You will get there.

The upbeat music, great instructor – Laura Marie Diaz Tacquard​ and friendships I have built keep me coming back. We celebrate all holidays in style. We decorate our bikes for certain occasions. Laura even throws beads at us during Mardi Gras rides and I can’t forget the Hawaiian mimosas she serves on special days. Plus, knowing I am getting a great cardio and strength training workout is a plus. One reason you start breathing heavy and the heart rate increases, you are working your BIG muscles. You are using your gluteus (butt) hamstrings (sometimes jokingly referred to as “hammies” and quadriceps, or “quads. Your weight also determines your calorie burn. Oh Lord I am torching those calories.

The average spin class, minus the weights, will be about 60 minutes with a cadence of 80-110 rotations per minute. A 185 pound person spinning for 60 minutes will burn approximately 622 calories. WOW!
To further increase your calorie burn in a spin class:
1. Keep moving. Even when the song is in transition, keep pedaling. Don’t slow down.
2. Keep standing if your able. To increase your core muscles and the burn in your legs – try standing up without hands when you are on a UP 1-2-3-4 and DOWN 1-2-3-4 song.
3. Hot room – oh no. It was so hot at our gym they put a portable AC unit in the corner. I am in the corner, but still turn as red as a beet and I am drenched by time the class is over.
4. Increase the resistance of the spin.

This information above was found at HealthAdvisory.com.

Fitness on the Go – Saturday Spin Class. Left side in the middle ME – RED FACED

The benefits of adding strength training to your regular weekly workout per ACE© and the American Cancer Society include:
1. Increased muscle mass: Muscle mass naturally decreases with age, but strength training can help reverse the trend.
2. Stronger bones: Strength training increases bone density and reduces the risk of fractures.
3. Joint flexibility: Strength training helps maintain joint flexibility and can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
4. Weight control: As you gain muscle, your body begins to burn calories more easily, making it easier to control your weight.
5. Balance: Strengthening exercises can increase flexibility and balance as people age, reducing falls and injuries.

Here is a great article to understand what a class will look like. You are standing up, pushing it back, hovering, seated climb (increasing the resistance, standing climb and don’t forget sprints. This article is from a runner’s perspective. Mixing it Up: Spinning and Strength Training.

Combine SPIN class with strength training and you have the best of both worlds when it comes to fitness and healthy workouts. My dream and 5 year plan include the Peleton bike for home. This will let me spin everyday!!

Spin Class and Spin Zone in Galveston are offered at Fitness On The Go

Our amazing instructor Laura offered a SPIN 101 for beginners for free one Saturday.

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