The Fear Is Real

The fear is real.
The fear of you failing one more diet.
The fear of you taking that leap to try one more diet.
The fear of quitting on yourself.
The fear of judgement when you do not succeed with your new diet.
The fear of not being able to do the exercises, because you can barely breath when you climb stairs or touch your toes.
The fear of being diagnosed with a chronic disease or illness.
The realization of your life passing you by and you’re still on the side lines watching because you are tired and exhausted.
The realization of the what if I would have tried sooner to eat healthier.
The realization of the doctor telling you We need to put you on blood pressure medications, your obese (actually it was morbid obesity) and your pre diabetic.
The realization of I should have stopped _______________ sooner. (you fill in the blank.
The struggle is real mentally and physically.
You learning to let go of the what if and should have.

You learning to let go of the fear of judgement and failure that grips you will be your freedom.
It will be you working through your struggles, trusting the process of progress not perfection, and learning you are not alone in this journey.
You have a community of women and men who have walked in your shoes. They have been where you are starting.
I am one of them

You decide, will you continue to live in fear?
Will this be your DAY ONE or ONE DAY?
You have to keep moving forward and believing in yourself.

I believe in you, do you?



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