6 months of dedication, a few stumbles and a new found network of amazing strong ladies.

Not all victories in life results in first place, a trophy or being awarded some grand prize. Victories can be small and personal with every choice you make to get to a goal you set. When making goals you start with the end in mind. What do you want to accomplish? Is it getting your health back in control to avoid a long term medication? Is it a pair of pants or better yet a bikini you want to get into? Is it wanting to be able to spend your life watching your kids grow up and experience the joy of grand kids? Is it being able to climb the stairs in your own home without gasping for air? Once I set my life-long vision goals I knew I had to start working to achieve this, but how?

You have to start small. Think of this journey as you building stairs to your BIG goal – one step at a time. You can’t get to the top without a plan to build the steps, materials to create the steps and a supporting ground crew to catch you if you fall. My years of “doing” ever diet, only to fall back into unhealthy ways of eating and over indulging where not working. I needed this change to be a lifestyle, not a quick fix. When I saw the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® program being offered by a trainer in my town, I knew I needed this. I was not walking the walk in my ACE CHC© job. How could I teach clients about fitness and health when I was barely making it up my stairs.

The FWTFL focuses on intermittent fasting, carb cycling and a fitness plan with a schedule all laid out. This is what I focused on each day. Learning how to work My Fittness Pal and the strategies to get to that weekly NON SCALE VICTORY! Yes we don’t weigh in! The scale does not define who I am and a number is not my goal. My goals are fitting back into my old pants, walking now running up my beach house stairs. The BIGGEST is I don’t need medications for a chronic disease that was knocking at my door. Learning self grace and progress over perfection.

So, almost 6 months later I look back and think WOW!! Look at MY VICTORIES! It was hard during prep week and into week 2, but it became second nature to LIVE this way. I started small. Learning 1 new process at a time and by time the second round was offered I knew this was what I was going to be doing. TEACHING and SHARING the FWTFL program to everyone who would listen. No deprivation, No shakes, No pills, No special foods. You are empowered, encouraged, held accountable, provided the education and tools you need to succeed.

My waiting list is open! My next round starts April 1st! Once you are on the waiting list you will receive updates from me to get you ready to start PREP week. This is one investment you will not regret.

To learn more of the program register here: REGISTRATION


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