Week 17 Meals for Moffetts

This week I am posting what we had during week 17 from the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program I participated as a client and now a coach. I am not a registered dietician, but a mom, wife, nurse and health coach who loves to cook. I am also someone who has struggled with eating enough calories and someone who has tried every diet in the books. The FWTFL has taught me how to eat and workout intentionally. My mindset has improved to progress over perfection. This has allowed me to still eat the cake or Reese’s cup on leg day or a special day. These meals are intended to give you ideas and are not approved by the FWTFL corporation or a registered dietician. I try to stick to whole food and follow the healthy plate method and eating to my macros. The hyperlinks will take you to the recipe.

MONDAY Chicken legs grilled. I need to watch Kenny and learn how to do this. I am always in charge of getting the chicken out to get the meat to room temperature. I am also in charge of coating the chicken with olive oil and he takes over for the seasoning. Tony Sacherees is all we use on our chicken. Add in a baked potato and salad and you have a balanced meal.

TUESDAY: Kenny’s cooking again. I love my husband he cooks and does dishes. LOL. Sautéed trout or redfish his specialty. Crab cakes we argue who makes the best me or him. It is a pretty close race because we follow the same recipe LOL but I don’t do the exact procedures for getting the veggies ready. He also fries his and I bake mine. Hate to say it, but fried does taste better, but the baked are just as good.

WEDNESDAY: Carb day yeah!!! We cycle our carbs in the FWTFL. Days with carbs we focus on lifting weights. Build your meals around protein and manipulate your carb by adding or omitting depending on what day you are on. Greek Gyro Chicken stuffed in a Sweet Potato – This is a crockpot meal that everyone was skeptical at first. Once they tried it they requested it into our rotation.

THURSDAY: We practice dairy free. I try and stick to dairy free 90% of the time. But sometimes you must have the cheese. Cordon Blu is another favorite that is a crockpot meal. You can also cook it in the oven at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Do not overcook. I usually cook only 3-4 hours at 250 in my crockpot. Chicken temperature will be 165° Fahrenheit when done. I also do not use stove top; I use Pepperidge Farms herb stuffing.

FRIDAY: Leftovers.

SATURDAY: It is LEG Day that means treat day. We are having pasta. Chicken spaghetti!!!! This is Granny’s recipe and I have added in extras as I feel the need.

SUNDAY: Blackened – Sauteed Redfish. We just cook it a little longer and call it blackened LOL.

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