Week 18 Meals for Moffetts

Still trying to catch up with my past meals I cooked for my family during the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program I participated in as a client and now as a certifed coach. I am not a registered dietician, but a mom, wife, nurse and health coach who loves to cook. I am also someone who has struggled with eating enough calories and someone who has tried every diet in the books. The FWTFLhas taught me how to eat and workout intentionally. My mindset has improved to progress over perfection. This has allowed me to still eat the cake or Reese’s cup on leg day or a special day. These meals are intended to give you ideas and are not affiliated with the FWTFL corporation or a registered dietician. I try to stick to whole food and a healthy plate. My earlier meals I did not practice dairy free as strict as I am now.

Week 18

Monday– who doesn’t like chicken stuffed with cheese. I am now omitting the cheese for mine, most of the time. Every once in a while, I do eat the cheese. Cheesy Asparagus and roasted red peppers stuffed chicken breast. Make it a one dish meal or add a side of broccoli for more non starchy veggies.

Tuesday-Taco Tuesday turned into Enchilada salad. This meal is easy and quick and is easily manipulated. When I say easy to manipulate, I look for recipes that I can omit or add in the carbohydrates. I do this when I am carb cycling and it is a low carb day.

Wednesday-Easy day for me. Kenny is grilling chicken breast. If you don’t want to grill you can look for the precooked grilled chicken or grab a rotisserie. When buying precooked food look out for added in salt, hormones or preservative. Throw a bag of salad in a bowl and bake your sweet potato fries per instructions on bag.

Thursday– Kenny’s cooking again. I love my husband he cooks and does dishes. LOL. Sautéed trout or redfish his specialty. Here is my version of the bake potato . Open the bag of salad or change it up and steam some broccoli

Friday– These ribs are fall off the bone delicious. Crockpot ribs Day three open a bag of salad, this time cole slaw. I like the Kraft cole slaw dressing. Everyone’s favorite au gratin potatoes

Saturday– Don’t even remember. Oops

Sunday– Love Sundays. This is my time to rest and recover. I take time to plan out or complete my meal prep for the week. I start meal prepping on Wednesday or Thursday and start making my list by Friday. I usually pick up our food from Wal-Mart on Sunday before church after I walk on the beach. Crock pot roast, potatoes and carrots

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