Week 19 Meals for Moffett

Week 19

You will soon start realizing we eat alot of fish and deer meat or venison. My husband is an avid fisherman and hunter. He may be a surfer from Galveston Island, but he is a country boy at heart.

I am a FASTer Way Coach and RN. I am not a registered dietician. These meals are for my family and for you to try. To learn more about the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle and Pampered Chef products used be sure to scroll to the end of the post and click on the links. I do not get monetary gain if you click the highlighted links in the post. It only takes you to the products or recipes.

Monday: Grilled Venison easy and quick on the grill. I use steamer bag of cauliflower rice and canned green beans. This is a low carb day for us with the FASTer Way To Fat Loss. The secret to having venison not taste “gamey” or wild tasting is to soak it.  We soak our venison at least 24 hours in milk or salt water in the refrigerator. Place your venison in a bowl and cover with milk or water. When using water add about 2 tsp of salt to the water.  The second part to having perfect venison is to make sure you have tenderized it.  We used to tenderize the meat with a meat tenderizer tool.  We now have an electric meat tenderizer that makes the job much easier.  We tenderize all the venison before we freeze it. This is because we process our own venison.  If you are needing to tenderize only smaller servings of meat,  Pampered chef has a meat tenderize that is easy to use. The toothed side of the Meat Tenderizer. cuts through tough meat easily.  Use the flat side to flatten chicken breasts so they cook evenly, or to crush cookies, crackers, cereal, nuts and other food to use in recipes.

Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash Bowl– Oh pasta! I love the large plates of that famous Italian resturant with the never ending breadsticks. Insert heart. Yes, I still love pasta and have this on Leg Day workouts with the FASTer Way plan I follow. We carb cycle and have that got to have it type food (pasta, doughnuts, cake, alcohol) on Saturday’s leg day. But on some days we eat low carb and spaghetti squash is my go to pasta like noodle.

Wednesday: Jambalayah I am glad I wrote this one down years ago. I tried to pull it from Pinterest to send to my mother n law and the site is no longer available. This is best jambalayah I’ve tried.

Thursday: Hasselback Chicken and broccoli and rice casserole. In the FWTFL program we practice gluten and dairy free. This meal is not dairy free. I am not perfect but progressing. Sometimes you have to have cheese.

Friday: Chicken breast and sweet potato fries with salad. This one is simple, but I can never remember the temperature to cook a chicken breast without it drying out. So I am always looking this up. One secret is once they come out of the oven cover them with aluminum foil and let them set. I have linked you to the Pinterest site I use for cooking the perfect chicken breast. I season the chicken breast to what ever I am feeling when I cook. LOL- marjoram and sage with salt and pepper, Tony Cacheree’s – Kenny’s go to seasoning, or any type of Ms. Dash. I have recently found great flavors at Trader Joe’s – 21 seasoning salute.

Saturday: Not home they are on their own

Sunday: Fish and Oysters with twice baked potatoes. Family is coming over. We never do this small. We serve everyone, it’s like a mini family party. For the fried fish we use Zatarain’s seasoned fish fry. For the Oyster’s I will get back with you. This is mother-n-laws mix. I think it’s cracker meal and fish fry seasoning. Here is the link to the sauteed redfish.

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