Week 20 Meal’s for Moffett

Week 21 is the landing page for Meal’s for Moffett, took me a hot minute to figure that one out. Here is week 20. As the recipes go backwards to when I started the FASTer Way To Fat Loss, you will see I did not follow dairy free as closely as some people do. We practice dairy and gluten free, because it is often the main sensitivities people have and don’t realize it. Our focus on nutrition is whole foods. Enjoy week 20 meals.

To learn more about the FASTer Way To Fat Loss lifestyle and Pampered Chef products used be sure to scroll to the end of the post and click on the links. I do not get monetary gain if you click the highlighted links in the post. It only takes you to the products or recipes.

Making the bell peppers my pampered chef kitchen tools come in handy. The unique, beveled pinwheel blades of our Mix ‘N Chop is the easiest way to chop and crumble food. It gets into the corners of your cookware without scratching the surface. It’s the best tool for cooking perfectly browned and crumbled ground beef and turkey, scrambled eggs, and homemade tomato sauce! The large scoop is a heavy-duty stainless steel scoop. It is great for evenly portioning batters, doughs, fillings and salads. Squeeze-action handles allow for convenient one-handed use. Approximately 3 tbsp. Less mess scooping in the filling into your peppers.

Low carb and dairy free

MONDAY: Stuffed Bell Peppers. This recipe can be manipulated as a low carb recipe. Replace the rice with cauliflower rice. You can really make this recipe your own depending on what flavors of veggies you like. Add in mushrooms, carrots, celerty, radishes, corns, beans, you name it if you can cut it up or it is already small you can mix it in with the meat.

Family plate with the rice.

TUESDAY: Sauteed Red Fish. I am lucky I have a husband that loves to fish the Gulf Coast. We have fresh fish weekly. Broccoli and cauliflower bake. Easy to slice all the veggies with the simple slicer. Just slide the food holder onto the track, pop in fruit or veggies and slide back and forth for perfect slices. Use this handheld slicer over a bowl or cutting board—the nonskid feet will keep it in place!

WEDNESDAY: King Ranch Chicken. This is one of our favorites. It is not a great leftover, because the chips get soggy. This is one of those comfort foods from Granny’s recipe box and Sunday dinners.

Thursday: Crock pot cubed steak and mashed potatoes. with green beans. This recipe say cook for 6-8 hours, do not cook it this long. I cooked 5 hours and it was dry, thank goodness for the delicious gravy it cooked in. Season your meat well. I will try this recipe one more time, but will cut the cooking time down or lower my crockpot to 200 degrees or less.

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Crockpot Cashew Chicken, rice and broccoli. This one is a keeper. Original recipe from Favorite Family Recipes. It’s an easy to make recipe that you can make at home and it comes out way better than most cashew chicken dishes that you can get when you go out to eat.

SUNDAY: Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Chicken over gluten free pasta. Creamy and delicious. Not difficult to make and everyone loved it. Serve with a side salad.

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